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History is a unique concept and idea. was set up in Aug 2008 as a one-page website for online car servicing booking. We thought of starting MeriCAR when we could not find any directory or agency which can help us finding the right car workshop. In 2009, was evolved to become a network of car workshops and the idea took its real shape last year 2010. Now the venture has small call center which provides personalized support to car owners to find the right workshop based on reviews and industry standards.



Earlier Challenages


First challenge was to make first few car workshops to believe that MeriCAR can generate more business using website, because works managers still believe in offline mode of advertisement like yellow pages in India. Just few agreed and MeriCAR Team generated leads from single page showing three steps of car servicing bookings online. At the end of 2010, team enrolled more car repair centers in Delhi.

Now same dealer has renew contract for third time this year.

Though similar model exists in other countries but investors do not prefer investing into “unique” service based businesses in India. So getting seed funds was challenging for us.

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