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Car Bumper Repair (Authorized Car Service Centers)

Damaging a car bumper is easy. It does not take much more than light contact with another vehicle, or a parking post, to cause dents & paint problems. The first step in repairing a damaged car bumper will be to assess the damage and determine what steps will need to be taken. If the bumper has been scratch, it will require more work for a quality repair.

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Bumper Repair
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Steps to repair a Car Bumper
  • Remove Paint: Begin the bumper repair by removing any paint transfer. Several methods can be used depending on the extent of the damage. Other products can also be used, including nail polish remover.
  • Remove any Dent: Removing dents in plastic bumpers is not as difficult as dent removal in metal body parts. When it comes to any type of body repair, the work should be done as soon after the damage has occurred as possible.
  • Use Plastic Filler: Once all of the dents have been removed, any holes in the bumper can be filled with quality plastic filler. Filler can also be used to smooth out larger chips in the paint.
  • Repainting: Repainting will be required after all other repairs are completed. Any sections of the bumper that require repainting should be sanded before primer is applied. Primer should be used before paint is applied. Tape off any areas of the vehicle that do not require painting to prevent overspray. Special primers are available that can help fill small chips and cracks in the paint. Additional sanding should be done between coats.

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