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How to Avoid Car Scratches

After spending several lakh of rupees to own a car, most people get frustrated to see scratches steal away their carís beauty. Scratches on car exteriors are unpredictable and might be caused by a number of factors. Some of the most unsightly damage on a car is scratches; they make a car look messy and unloved. All these types of car body damage can be an expensive to repair. These types of scratches can be easily prevented or at the very least reduce, the chance of them appearing on your car. This can be achieved by a number of methods which when used together are a great preventative scheme for scratch reduction on a car

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Tips to Avoid Scraches
  • Parking: Up to 60% of all car scratches are caused in car parking palaces, usually from parking too close to another vehicle or people passing between two parked cars accidently brushing sharp objects. To avoid this, park as far away to every vehicle as possible.
  • Accident: Accident scratches are usually caused by not being able to judge the distance from your car to another. These can be the more costly types of repair sometimes reaching in the thousands. To best try and avoid this type of damage either have sensors fitted to the bumpers or take more care.
  • Washing: Having your car regularly washed and waxed helps prevent light scratches appearing from keeping sand off your paint work so when running an object such as a cloth or towel over your vehicle it will not pick up any piece of dirt or sand that would scratch your cars.
  • Keys: Some of the smaller scratches that can appear are those that are under the front door handles. They are generally caused by keys hanging from a key ring or either by finger nails. To prevent this try and hold all the keys in your hand and obviously cut your nails

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