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Bottleneck in the Indian automotive aftermarket growth

January 22nd, 2011

The Indian automotive aftermarket is expected to grow to around $9.4 billion by 2015 from its present estimated size of $3.7 billion.
Car technology is changing rapidly and to keep pace with latest systems, there is a need for a specialist service provider. Large groups are investing into machinery and equipment along with training manpower. Building own workshops to cater demands is not feasible even large group invested heavily building infrastructure. Majority of people are still visit to road side workshops for car servicing.

Bottleneck in the Indian automotive aftermarket

- Untrained Manpower
The automotive aftermarket industry is one of the largest employers of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workforce in the country, and there is a shortage of skilled workforce. Survival of small workshop is difficult when they do not have trained mechanics. There are groups like Bosch Car Service, are building network of car workshops and helping small workshops by standardizing and providing training.

- Scarcity of Spare Parts
Car manufacturer supplies spare parts to OEM dealers only. Car owners look for spare parts from small garages with same quality. Alternates and unbranded spare parts are available in the market. Car owners are happy getting cheapest spares from the outside market. Few garages claims they source from OEM dealers or same companies suuplies to OEM. Audit spare parts companies to stop supplies in the open market is not easy for OEM when they supplies same parts with different local brands. There is a need to increase supplies of spare parts.
Indian auto industry is investing heavily in developing facilities for design and manufacturing of auto spares parts. This investment will attract global auto giants to start outsourcing quality spares at competitive price from India. It is estimated that in next 5/6 years the spares parts industry for automobile will be a $14 billion investment.

- Monopoly of OEM dealers for warranty car service
Globally all OEM dealers are allowed to provide car servicing during warranty period. No other car workshop and service centre can provide that service. It has stopped car manufacturer sharing technical information about car technologies to others. In USA and European countries, garages and small car workshops has filed petition for “The Right to Repair”. Some of the states has approved it and community is still working on this to get it approved globally.

The need for Right to Repair legislation has become a necessity in order to protect the rights of car owners to decide where and how they have their vehicles serviced, whether at a new car dealer or an independent service facility. Right to Repair ensures that the person who bought the car and not the car company, can decide where that vehicle is repaired and maintained.

—————- About MeriCAR.com ———-

MeriCAR.com is doing efforts to bring all small workshops on one platform to rank them for quality and customer satisfaction.
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Car Servicing Job Card Online. Web Based Garage Software

January 7th, 2011

Once you visit your car workshop, you may ask service manager many questions about car servicing or repair work to be done. Do you keep your job card with you after car servicing? There are few who preserves it or car workshop needs to provide detail of last job work done.

In India, Dealers are maintaining job cards using desktop applications, but rarely, customers ask for printouts of their last servicing details. Either customers do not ask for it or dealers do not provide it to customer. Lack of processes at small workshops, you can not imagine if you can have even job card ready. Independent car workshops and service stations have no specific software to use for car booking and job cards.

Bosch Car Service has setup authorized car service centres network all over the world. There are over 260 Bosch Car Service in India. For many garages and small workshops, managing the administrative tasks of the business can be complex and time consuming. Bosch Car Service Network has recently recommended MAM’s Web-based Garage Software to all authorized workshops.

MeriCAR.com is promoting Bosch Car Service centres and providiing web based solutions to send online enquires and manage them using web based software. MeriCAR.com is building web based software to allow car owners to manage their servicing requirements / online diary.

Source: http://www.tyrepress.com
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Make your new car look new: Car washing and dry cleaning

December 28th, 2010

Most people forget some of the simple, quick steps that can keep a new car looking new. Regular car washing is very important to maintaining your car’s appearance.
Take just a few extra minutes when you wash to wipe down the engine, door jambs and trunk. Keeping these areas clean prevents a bigger cleanup job later. To make your job easier and more enjoyable, invest in a few good car wash products. Quality car wash tools make a huge difference.

Things like bugs, bird’s dropping, or limestone dripping damage the paint leaving permanent stains if not washed off in time. When the car is clean, all the moisture dries up quickly, but when it’s dirty, the moisture accumulates in dirty areas causing corrosion.

At least once in a while use pressure wash. Pressure wash can be found at car workshop. Nowadays you can also get complete car wash at home. Doorstep team has pressure wash tools. It removes the dirt from difficult to reach areas.

Car dry cleaning and polishing at doorstep is new trend in India. You can get exterior and interior wash easily at home. Dry cleaning chemicals are the same use for clothes. Interior polish is not easy for high end cars like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota etc. The reason interior polish need skills when you need to do it on roof.

Source: http://www.autopia-carcare.com/inf-wash.html
Tags: car detailing, car dry cleaning, car polishing, car service station, car wash, doorstep
Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments » Rust can radically depreciate your car’s resale value


December 9th, 2010

Rust in your car’s underbody is caused by prolonged exposure to water. It is inevitable to ensure that a new car is driven only on completely dry surfaces. The effects of rust cannot be reversed, only prevented. And you can prevent it.

Rust on the car can radically depreciate your car’s resale value. Some people may be tempted to wait until the sixth year to have a vehicle rustproofed, but by then it may be too late for prevention; it could mean a body-shop repair instead. It depends on how the car has been maintained up to that point.

When should you rustproof ?

Generally, if a vehicle is new or less than three years old, it’s a candidate for rustproofing if the owner wants to keep it for more than five years. Otherwise, a person may want to let the next owner worry about rust.

Is it worth it to rustproof a car that will be sold before rust starts ?
An after-market rustproofing may enhance the value of a used car somewhat.
Complete car detailing services includes under-body treatment. You can checkup with your neigbourhood car service centre for car detailing. In India there are companies like 3M with unique treatments formulated just to keep your under-body safe and intact. The new trends is to do car detailing at doorstep but that includes only interior and exterior, but underbody treatment require more time and efforts. It can be done only at car service station.

Source: http://solutions.3mindia.co.in
Check out methods for underbody treatments:
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Auto Aftermarket Repair Business Grows in a Good Recession in USA

December 7th, 2010

(Reuters) As per analysis, 250 million vehicles on America’s roads, and an average age of nearly 10 years, times are good for the auto aftermarket repair chains. For the moment, customers seem willing to have their cars fixed, the nation’s fleet is getting older, cars are more complex and credit is available.
New car sales are in a ditch, though improving slowly, and there is stubbornly high unemployment. Shuttered car dealerships are pushing more business to repair stores.

Last year, just 10.4 million new cars were sold in the United States, the lowest in 27 years. For 2010, automotive forecaster J.D. Power and Associates expects 11.5 million cars and light trucks to be sold in the United States.

Read more: http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE6B548W20101206
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Battery is the life of the car, when it dies, so does your car

November 25th, 2010

You get up in the morning prepare for your office and you find your car wont start. It’s just one of the signs that winter is in full effect, and every year it amazingly takes people by surprise. Batteries drain more quickly in winter.

Make sure your posts and connections are no corrosion. Most experts suggest you have your battery checked at least once a year. While many batteries are labeled “maintenance free,” most are serviceable. One simple way to keep your battery in proper working order is to keep the battery case clean. You can clean dirt and residue by wiping it with moist paper towels and mild detergent.

Check car manual for instructions for battery. If your battery has a removable vent cap, you should check electrolyte levels at least once a month. If levels don’t rise above the top plates of the battery, you can add distilled water. If you are checking your battery instead of car mechanic, make sure you follow the safety precautions listed in your owner’s manual. Most batteries have a life span of up to three years. If your battery is older, it should be replaced.

Other possible reasons for a battery runs down are:
• You accidentally left the lights on or some other accessory that pulls power from the battery even when the ignition key is off.
• The battery is not being recharged while the vehicle is being driven (you have a charging problem)
• There is a key off parasitic electrical drain on the battery because a relay is sticking, a module is not shutting down, or there is a shorted diode in the alternator.
• Your battery is old and will not hold a charge anymore. The battery needs to be replaced.
To send enquiry with discounted offers, you can check with Nishant Batteries, Click here
More detail of Diagnosing A Car Battery That Runs Down read at aa1car.com
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Market demand for parts and services set to double over the next 5 years (Auto Serve 2010 Report)

November 20th, 2010

CII Report prepared by McKinsey & Company titled: “Opportunities in the Indian Automotive Aftermarket”, released at the CII Auto Serve 2010. The report observes that the Indian automotive aftermarket, which is growing at 11 per cent per annum, is at an inflection point with: the increase in vehicle parts, more complex parts, price sensitive customers, and expansion of global suppliers in terms of sourcing and distribution presence in India. The CII Report said that the market demand for parts and services set to double over the next 5 years.

According to the Report, roughly, 30 per cent of the market comprises spurious parts. Market interviews and analysis indicate that owners of older vehicles often migrate to independent service networks for cheaper and faster service. With OEMs more focussed on vehicles in their warranty period, offering higher levels of service for older cars will be necessary for independent players to attract customers. OEMs and distributors should develop branded generics to capture the cost advantage in this rapidly growing independent market: The Indian market for branded generics is already worth Rs 3,000 crore to Rs 4,000 crore and is set to grow significantly in the next 5 years. Analysis shows that generic brands tend to have much higher margins and are extremely popular among consumers looking for fully functional, yet cheaper alternatives to OE spares, especially in the non-critical product ranges.

OES’s, independent players and distributors should consider partnerships and options for forward integration: Since many key skills and capabilities required for success overlap along the value chain, forward integration offers players the potential to create additional value. While global trends and the complex nature of the Indian market indicate independent distributors are going to remain valuable components of the value chain,

Source: http://www.orissadiary.com/Shownews.asp?id=22484
Tags: after sales car market, aftermarket, car servicing trends
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Don’t Pay For Your Car Mechanic’s Negligence

November 11th, 2010

Once you believe your car mechanic and you do not bother anything next time until something wrong has happened. How many time you have changed your car mechanics or car workshop? Possible if you are paying for your car mechanic’s negligence. Here is a situation that may happen to you:-
I’ve been going to car workshop for a few years and up until now they’ve provided what I would consider to be a good service. Anyway, they serviced my car and I picked it up and took it home. The next morning, there’s a huge pool of oil under the car. I took the car back to the garage and they felt sorry about using wrong washer on the plug.

I took the car home, woke up next day to another pool of oil. I had to use the car to get to work, so I topped the oil up and set off with the intention of dropping the car off at the garage again in the evening. I got to the end of the road and there’s a loud clattering noise coming from the engine bay. I called the garage and they asked me not to drive and the car gets picked up.

Later that afternoon, the garage called back and said ‘It’s not the engine, it’s your steering pump; the bearings have exploded and there’s power steering fluid everywhere. It’s nothing to do with us, you need to pay for getting it transported over, new belts and a new pump’.

Okay, let’s think about this, because to me it doesn’t really make any sense. First of all, they have had two opportunities to spot the leaking fluid and didn’t. Secondly they lied to me about the ‘wrong washer on the sump plug’. Finally, and most importantly, if they had spotted the steering fluid leak in the first place, my pump may well have not died. After all, when I spotted what I thought was an oil leak the pump wasn’t making any bad noises.

I think they have been completely incompetent throughout and I don’t think I should be paying for any of this. As you would expect, the garage doesn’t agree.
Here are some suggestions to reduce chance you need to pay for your car mechanic’s incompetence.

Visit Authorized Garage:

You can not trust car mechanic even if you are using them for long. You must go to authorized car workshop, garages. There are Bosch Car Service centres. They have some standards/criteria to give authorization to small car workshops.

Check Out Car Workshops Reviews
You can also check out if there is any review available. MeriCAR.com is providing reviews of car workshops and service centres and they are real customers experience.
Using any car mechanics who is just near to your home, is not enough to save your car (or bill).
Source: WeeklyGripe
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Did you ask your mechanic to keep old car parts before it being replaced?

October 19th, 2010

When you are busy, it is very common that you do not bother asking about the spare parts brand your mechanic has replaced. You stress upon having seen old parts.
Here is a story.

“About two years ago I played a joke on a customer who asked me to keep her old parts. She asked me to save the old parts–BEFORE we did any work, I gave this customer an air conditioning compressor and told her it was her old water pump that we replaced, and she believed me” said mechanic and writer at: trustmymechanic.com

Ask your mechanic to use brand name or dealer parts whenever there is a “critical component” being replaced.
Critical components are water pumps, alternators, starters, fuel pumps, etc and non-critical items are air filters, spark plugs, fluids, brake pads, etc.
Ask your mechanic to use his best judgment when determining critical items. You will probably pay more for these parts now, but in the long run you will be glad you did.

In India, spare parts industry has grown with huge demand. Almost every workshop has problem getting particular parts from the market. Maintaining inventory is not easy, especially multi brand workshops. Car manufacturer are putting legal term before spare parts supplier to supply to their dealers only. It has been believed that same spare parts are available in the open market with different brand name and they have warranty.

Always compare while you need to replace critical component and prefer authorized workshop or ask for brand name. Small workshops get it arranged but take their responsibility to replace if it has any problem.
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Your Car Servicing is Due Today? Yes or No

October 17th, 2010

Every time you get your car servicing done, your car have a sticker pasted with next service due date. Who has time to look at everytime when you are in the car unless you keep it in your “notebook” for things to do. Busy life has changed the way you can remember your friends birthday and next servicing due date.
MeriCAR.com has web based tool – MeriCAR Car Servicing Reminder. Car owners can fill up web form to setup reminder for next car servicing due date. The web tool sends alerts in SMS and email with detail of your vehicles. Currently it would be reminding you about your next servicing date 5 days before your actual date so that you can plan his visit to near car workshop.

The MeriCAR Servicing Reminder is beta release with version number 1.2.7 and available free to use for car owners all over India.
Check it out by using link below:

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