Luxury Highend Premium Cars : Delivering after-sales services is complex than manufacturing

Car Technology is becoming complex. Senssors, IOT based technologies are making after-sales difficult. OEM Dealers have no cheaper solution for services and there are few independent workshops.

The Luxury and Premium Cars companies find it tough to compete in the aftermarket. Across industries, delivering after-sales services is more complex than manufacturing products. When delivering service products, executives have to deploy parts, people, and equipment at more locations than they do to make products.

Premium Cars
Premium Cars

An after-sales network has to support all the goods a company has sold in the past as well as those it currently makes. Each generation has different parts and vendors, so the service network often has to cope with 20 times the number of SKUs that the manufacturing function deals with. Businesses also have to train service personnel, who are dispersed all over the world, in a variety of technical skills. Moreover, after-sales networks operate in an unpredictable and inconsistent marketplace because demands for repairs crop up unexpectedly and sporadically. On top of that, companies have to handle—in an environmentally safe fashion—the return, repair, and disposal of failed components.

Luxury Premium Cars
Luxury Premium Cars

Most companies either don’t know how or don’t care to provide after-sales services effectively.

In India, the number of old premium cars completing their warranty periods is much more than new ones (ET). Mercedes enters pre-owned car business in India (ET). Car owners use OEM dealers only because of servicing high-end luxury cars need special training and genuine spare parts are not easily available in India.

Multibrand workshops which caters to premium cars servicing are just few, one of them is European Motors Workshop. It has great setup with international facility. Over 25 years of technical experience & dedication to customer satisfaction with Mercedes-Benz, they are located at Gurgaon and provides luxury car servicing in New Delhi and NCR. Recently Carnation has started offering similar service and tie-up with Italian firm’s for luxury car auto parts.

Servicing premium and luxury cars, BMW, Mercedes, Audi need specific trained staff and with international standard facilities and availability of genuine spare parts.

To be successful for this offering, multibrand workshop needs to arrange spare parts and importing from other countries. European Motors Workshop is equipped with state of the art machinery selected from renowned brands from around the world.

Premium Cars
Premium Cars

The workshop boasts of 15 workstations, each well equipped with hydraulic lifts, hoists & tool bars. You can Book Service at EMW. Click here .

3 Lacs Car Garages on India Network. Become Franchise Partner

As per survey, India has 3,00,000 car garages and huge potential for uorganized aftermarket. Hardly 5000 are been organized by corporate like Bosch, Castrol, Mahindra First Choice.

Established in 2008,, the pioneer in online car servicing and repair, is looking for entrepreneurs to become Franchise Partners to aggregate local partner. The venture has proven its business model across India and inviting application from entrepreneurs who can be a part of the team to expand its operations all across India.

Launched Franchisee Partner Program in 2015 and enrolled 55 partners across India from 34 Cities and recently added 6 more cities in 2017 from Goa, Gorakhpur, Allahabad, Nagpur, Bhubaneswar.

Low Cost Franchise.
Earn Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 monthly.
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Detail About The Project

The partner would help the company to sell company?s services into other cities by establishing a car workshop network and would get a share in the revenues generated from his area. Potential partner/franchisees are invited to send us an enquiry stating the city that they want to apply for franchisee/partnership.

The ideal partners would be a person who wants to work for himself/herself or self-employed professionals like insurance agents or people who have taken a break in their careers or who is already working from home and looking to supplement their income.

Prior Auto industry experience is NOT required. 

Will Tata Motors run like a Startup ?

tata motors
Tata Motors

In India, Car Manufacturer are not finding easy way for survival.

Auto Market is tough for scale. Recent news of General Motor exits from India and others brands VW, Ford area also under pressure (according to ET).

They states reasons are pricing and profitability. Among Indian players, Maruti with major share 47% in the market is trying hard to lure the customers and Tata Motors ‘s recent decision on running flatter hierarchy organization. These are signals of the tough competition and major changes in auto market scenario in India.

Recent news of Tata Motors, India’s largest automobile company by revenue, has decided to make flat hierarchy and decided to remove designations. The car manufacturer want to establish an environment in which teamwork-inspired creativity can flourish.

Designation matters for everybody but level of hierarchies delays the decisions, that is the only reason Startups always scale faster than corporate in EARLY days and become big.

Mr. Ratan Tata
Mr. Ratan Tata

There is no surprise if Tata Motors build culture like any successful startup as Mr. Ratan Tata, chairman of Tata Group, has already experienced by investing into 25 startups.

Car wash and Detailing Franchise Business in India

Unorganized Indian aftermarket has given birth to a branded chain of “car wash and detailing outlet” in India. Making them successful every outlet is not easy if it run like just another struggling “startup”. Better it should be “franchise” where parameters of success is DEFINED and franchiser has done lots of work to make franchisee successful.

cozi-car wash spa van
cozi-car wash spa van

Here are 5 ways to make car wash and detailing franchisee business success.

Look Bigger Than You Really Are

When I thought of the idea to start my auto detailing business, I knew that since I was just a one man operation, I needed to make it appear that I was bigger than “just me.” I didn’t have any sort of logo yet, so I hired an artist to design a logo that made it appear that I was a franchise or a larger company. I was fairly certain that I would attract more business from customers that thought I was multi staffed. At the time, (I’ve since partially changed my philosophy)

I was unsure that people would hire me being that I had no help and little detailing experience. I found an amazing artist, and for a very reasonable cost, he designed my logo and it set the tone for the “branded” look. It made my “company” look way bigger than what it really was. This included logos for my website, my phone number and so forth. Everything was set to look branded, professional and bigger than what it really was.

Don’t Underestimate Your Business By Lowering Your Prices

I have learned that most people in the detail world would like to have a true “detail.” That means they are willing to pay a premium price for a premium service. I strongly discourage in being the lowest priced business out there. People that call for “discounts” or “deals” in this business turn out to be bad customers, or at least ones that don’t return. With my pricing, I have it set at mid to high, but that is because I offer mid to high end services. Customers are willing to pay for a better job. Detailing is a luxury service, and customers expect luxurious results. Sometimes, I get calls from people wanting a “quick” or an “express” detail. I do not offer that because I feel the customer will be disappointed. The best analogy that I can give is: If you are on vacation and you and your family want to go out to dinner, I am willing to bet you will pick an upper class, nice, restaurant with the best steak or seafood available over a fast food restaurant. If you go ahead and get the fast food restaurant, you’ll most likely be disappointed over the steakhouse during your (Luxury) vacation.

Have The Best Attitude

In order to succeed in any business, especially a single person operation, you must have a great attitude. You must believe in your heart that you are the best. There can be no doubts in your mind that you are the best. People can see and feel about how the business owner’s confidence rates. If there is doubt within the potential customer, then they will go elsewhere. I have never met a detailer that didn’t have an ego bigger than my house, and I have to admit that I am the same way. You have to truly believe that you are the best. Be confident, and show your confidence by giving an awesome service. Be the BEST!

You can contact for “car wash and detailing franchise” by filling the form, (click here) i can hep you to find the right brands.

PS: The Author Mr. Rakesh Sidana is an entrepreneur who set up unique business model for automotive aftermarket India.

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Scratches on Your Car Body : a major concern after Holi

Every festival is important and you prepare yourself, but do you care about your car?

colorful cars
colorful cars

Holi is just standing next to you and the summer too. Indians loves to play this festival with colours, water and balloons. We are entering in the festive season with full on craziness and enthusiasm, before all these preparation we remember to take care of our skin with the help of oiling or creaming on it, so that the skin should not get damage . What about car? Car care is one of the major concerns in this festive season and weather is also changing so there is full possibility of scratches or damage of car body surface. It will cost to our pocket and hit the budget also.

As we know the problem that can occur, so we can take a look on car’s exterior finish that can be damage via scratch and stains on it. A must not thing to do with your car wash or car maintenance.

• Never use cheap detergent or hard soap on the car, instead of experimenting go for authorized car service centre for car related issues.

• Never allow the temporary repair of scratch on the car because it may damage the surface of the car and it will reduce the cost of your car in terms of future resale purpose.

• Examine the problem properly and allow only the quality products to fix the repair the car.

You can also save your hard-earned money by getting offers. running car cleaning and complete car service discount offers of Car cleaning at Gurgaon, Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalore and Mumbai.