4 Ways to get your car shine for summer

Summer means more time to spend outside cruising, and of course, caring for your car. Here’s some tips to get that perfect shine!


1. Waxing

Find out more information about heat protection for your car. Always be sure to wax your car in the shade and out of direct sunlight. Don’t forget to give your car a nice scrub and inspection for waste before waxing. If you notice that your wax isn’t lasting as long as it should, it may need the help of a paint cleaner. Paint cleaner goes on just like wax, but is removed right away.This way your wax will last longer and shine brighter.

2. Interiors

There’s nothing worse than getting into a car and immediately getting hit with smelly odors. All it might take is some vacuuming and a little odor remover. Odors and bacteria like to hide in the carpet of your car. A little shampoo and bacteria eliminator can be a big help when it comes to smelly smells.
For leather interiors, make sure you use the proper products that won’t dry out the leather. After you use the proper cleaning products, make sure to always use a conditioner . This will also help deflect UV rays, which will prevent drying, fading and even cracking.

3. Wheels

Having clean wheels automatically makes any car stand out. After rinsing, try scrubbing your tyres with a good wheel cleaner. The rims on your car can get dusty and grimy from constant exposure to extreme weather. A nice metal polish is all you need for a good shine that lasts.

4. Trim conditioning

Faded trim is not very attractive. Because of it’s strong UV rays, the sun can dry, fade, and gray plastic and rubber trim. It’s never a bad idea to increase the protection on all surfaces if your car will be in direct sunlight on a regular basis. A plastic sealant can help seal and restore exterior areas back to their natural, supple state while preventing continued deterioration.

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pic source: germncarforum.com

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