Car Crash Bar Saver or Killer

What is Crash Bar ?

Crash bars also  known as bull bars, crash guards are rods or bars made of steel, iron or plastic which are fixed in cars to protect the bumper, radiator, and headlights.

Why Indian Government has banned Crash guard ?

The Union ministry of road transport and highways asked all states to take stern action against unauthorised fitment of crash guards in vehicles. In a written communication to the transport commissioner of all states and Union Territories, the ministry stated that crash guards “pose serious safety concerns to the pedestrians as well as occupants of the vehicle.

“It is a misconception that crash guards add safety to vehicle passengers. The front of every car has built in crumple zones which help reduce the impact of an accident. When a crash guard is fitted to a car, it can make the crumple zones ineffective during a crash, transmitting force to the passengers, thereby causing injuries,” a transport official said. It also interferes with the working of air bags in the car apart from posing serious danger to pedestrians and cyclists.

Also as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, these accessories are illegal and installing them can attract a fine of  Rs.1,000 for the first offence and Rs.2,000 for subsequent offences. Those who sell or deliver such accessories are liable to be fined as much as Rs.5,000.

For more clarification on drawbacks of crash bar , watch the video


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Reference  : Hindustan Times

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