Maruti Alto, India’s most selling car is very cheap on maintenance

Recent news, small cars and compact hatchbacks continue to dominate the list of best sellers in India. Maruti Alto has strengthened its position as the best selling car in India in 2010-11 selling almost 350,000 cars during the fiscal.

There are many reasons to make Alto popular in India. Maruti Alto is one of the entry level cars and maintenance is very very low. It is well known that Maruti vehicles are easy on pocket in terms of maintenance and alto is no exception. Besides this alto will give you a steady mileage of 16-18kmpl depending on your driving style. You can maintain your car easily if you get it serviced regularly. The car doesn’t have too many electronics so it wont burn hole in pocket.

Regular paid service should be around Rs. 1500 per visit, also stock spares are not heavy on pocket & can be easily procured in any corner of India, besides this even roadside mechanics and small car workshops are well aware of the Maruti vehicles in case of emergency breakdown.
Maruti has established a good network of Maruti Authorized Service Station all across India.

With a number of new small car launches such as Toyota Liva, Honda Brio and possibly Hyundai’s entry level car expected this year, the league of bestsellers may find many new names in future.

Tata Nano is showing some improvement on quality and they focus on car servicing and spares in the small cities.


Maruti Authorized Service Station in New Delhi and NCR

Car Mechanics Who Avoid Synthetic Engine Oil, want to See You Again

Some car workshops want to see you again, so they avoid use of Synthetic Engine Oil. Shocked! Yes. Synthetic engine oil offers far superior lubrication as compared to conventional mineral-based oil. You will not go back to same car workshop for long as your car engine would have more POWER and performance.

Synthetic motor oils which are steadily growing in popularity, leads to longer life, more efficiency and enhanced performance for your engine. The most popular brand of this oil is Mobil1, which is known to offer outstanding protection under all operating conditions.

Experts highly recommends synthetic oil as your engine lubricant because it enables individual molecules in the oil to be tailored to the demands of modern engines. These customized molecules provide higher levels of protection and performance, even in extreme conditions.

Mobil1 Authorized Workshops recommend use of synthetic engine oils. Even it is more expensive than mineral oil. We feel that the protective advantage of synthetic oil makes it well worth the price.

Check out before visiting to any car workshop for Synthetic Engine Oil:

Oil Grade:
It is vital that you choose your engine oil based on the grade your car manufacturer recommends.

Engine Flushing:
Mostly suggest you need engine flushing, but Mobil1 claims already having been used in most of the new car engines nowadays so do not require flushing. So it is best to check with a competent mechanic before proceeding.

Service Interval:
It is recommended only after running of 10000 km or above, so no synthetics during the running-in period. Mobil1 claims you can start using Mobil 1 motor oil in new vehicles at any time. We suggest you to check out with your mechanic.

Read more about Sythetic Engine Oil and myths about synthetics at Mobil1 website.

Other Sources:

Mobil1 Authorized Car Service Center

Car workshop charges for unnecessary work (Survey)

Notice your car repair bill next time, there are chances you may be charged for repair work your car may not require. In the recent survey in Canada, only 6 garages out of 19 those were able to detect the simple fault and rest charged for the work which was not required.

The Automobile Protection association, CTV’s W5 and our Consumer Specialist Lea Williams-Doherty put auto repair shops to the test. They did an undercover investigation to see if 19 garages could properly diagnose and repair a simple problem.

The problem should have been easy to detect and cheap to fix. The APA loosened one battery cable on two cars in otherwise perfect condition and took them to randomly selected repair shops.
A secret shopper told the garages that sometimes the cars just wouldn’t start. Of the 19 garages, only six passed the test by finding and tightening that loose cable.

It depends upon mechanics expertise and processes followed at car service centre. In Canada and other countries, you can find associations which monitor and is trying to standardize car repair shops, but there is no such automobile protection association in India. India lacks on trained manpower and scarcity of spares.

Providing reviews of car workshops are the solution to know the best car service centers. MeriCAR Reviews section is developed for the same purpose. It allows customers to review workshops based on certain criteria.

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