Clean your car fuel system and Increase performance

If you have noticed that your engine keeps stalling or your gas mileage has decreased, it could be time to have your fuel system checked. The fuel system is one of the hardest worked areas of your engine. It can become clogged, dirty and inefficient if not maintained correctly and on a regular basis.

fuel System

Over time, your engine can become impure with carbon deposits, dust and dirt. This contamination can result in the poor performance of your engine and result in jumpy starts, rough idling and a loss in acceleration. Even if you take your car in for a regular tune-up, these problems can occur as the problem requires more specialist care in the form of a fuel system cleaner or fuel injector cleaning.

Fuel pump problems can also cause your engine to become less efficient. Problems can range from a bad fuel pump to poor pressure. When there is not enough pressure, the car will not start and can even stop while the engine is running. If the pressure is okay, but volume is no longer satisfactory, the engine will operate but might lose power. And if your fuel pump fails completely, the engine will fail to start at all. The fuel pump is often the first port of call during fuel system checks.

Arranging a Fuel System Check and Cleaning

As part of your annual car maintenance, why not book your car in for a fuel system clean? There are many fuel system cleaner options available and which you choose will depend on what your local car maintenance workshop has to offer. However, the premise is simple; your entire fuel system will be cleaned inside and out helping to restore fuel economy, improve engine performance and increase gas mileage.

The car servicing manual recommends the use of a fuel system cleaner once every 15,000 to 18,000 miles in order to keep the fuel system operating at peak performance. When you own a car, you should arrange for regular fuel system maintenance.

Increase Performance and Reduce Pollution with Fuel System Cleaning

When your car burns dirty fuel it’s not only bad for your car, but also bad for the environment too. An annual fuel check is the best way to ensure that all components within your fuel system are doing their job perfectly.

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