How do i earn 50K and 1 Lac by doing small business

Connecting “buyer” and “seller” ONLINE and having commission out of it is very low investment business.

As India is growing fast internet is reaching at every corner. India is still UNORGANIZED large market with second largest population.

There are new kind of INTERNET business called “Marketplace”. Where internet is penetrated everywhere, number of CARS are also increasing. Total 28.6 million cars on the road of India.

You can check MeriCAR – Partnership Program which can be started even less than 50k. The venture is spreading all across India and have offices across India. (Pune, Ranchi, Nasik, Amravati, Navi Mumbai

You can check videos of Happy Franchise Partners at

The business is to connect Car Owners with Car Service and Car Repair Centres, car garages. You don’t need automotive knowledge or experience. The company will give Online Training. Check the link and apply.

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