Low Cost Investment Franchise Small business

MeriCAR Franchise : Low Cost Investment : Unique Business Model

Every Franchise is best if they have THREE things in place:

Low Cost Investment Franchise Small business
Low Cost Investment Franchise Small business

1. More than 20% success rate. It means people whoever using is ACTIVE. Because not all businesses have equal success that depends upon local market acceptability and owner’s great and genuine efforts.

2. Return on Investment is more than 30%. On an average not all business give ROI more than 10%.

3. Your Franchisor Support should act like Co-Founder 😉 That is main complaint when franchisor don’t impart Good Training and don’t do “hands holding” support.

I would suggest you to find “highly” profitable with “lowest” operational cost within 50K.

Nowadays when India is growing online and internet penetrating small towns, you can invest into Marketplace Franchise Business Model.

Innovative and unique businesses attracts customers. Recent years automotive industry is growing fast and there are 28.6 million registered cars India.

India has a large unorganized automotive aftersales 300000 multi-brands car repair centers.

You can have franchise of marketplace business model MeriCAR.

Launched in 2008 have “partnership” program to make other entrepreneurs successful using MeriCAR marketplace model that do not need much investment to start.

For this business you just need small office or can work from home.

NOTE : Prior automotive experience is NOT required. You can start EVEN without having any knowledge of automotive. Currently, this business has 65 partners across 35 cities and spreading across India.

APPLY : http://www.mericar.com/mydreammycity