Steering wheel problem causes and solutions

It’s a bit tougher to inspect the steering wheels parts every week because of the location of your steering mechanisms. But that’s no reason for you to simply forget about this component.

Steerin Wheel

The following are other symptoms and possible causes behind your steering problems.

There are many reasons why your steering wheel “fights” your grip. Sometimes as you drive through your freeway, you may run into bumps that will cause your wheel to turn sharply immediately. This is why it pays to keep your eyes forward and to keep a steady hand on your wheel.

But if you’re moving on smooth roadway with no road bumps in sight, and your steering wheel continues to fight your grip, then you may have:

1. Cause: wheels that are already out of balance.
Solution: Take your car to the car service center to have your wheels re-balanced and realigned.

2. Cause: Your wheels may be interfering loose due to loose bolts.
Solution: If you’re on the freeway, head to the emergency bay to inspect your wheel lugs.

3. Cause: You may have damaged brake discs.
Solution: Inspect your braking system and to replace your rotors if necessary.

4. Cause: Worn treading on your wheels or your tyres are starting to wear unevenly.
Solution: Check your tyres if you need to replace them if the treading is all but gone. Check your wheel alignment and balance to determine if it’s time to take your car to the shop.

If you hear a clunking noise each time you go through the road bump. It’s actually not just clunking noise but also knocking on your steering wheel. The moment you hear these sounds, it’s time for you to check your steering mechanism for trouble. Your car may have:

1. Cause: Damaged strut bearings.
Solution: Check your strut bearings for signs of wear and tear.

2. Cause: A broken strut assembly or worn shock absorbents.
Solution: Inspect your suspension for signs of trouble.

3. Cause: Broken ball joints.
Solution: Do check out your ball joints for signs of wear. If the damage is severe, replace this component immediately!

If you hear a loud screeching sound each time you stir when you’re parking or driving slowly.

1. Cause: A worn steering belt (power steering belt).
Solution: Inspect your power steering belt. If it’s too damaged to operate, then I highly suggest replacing this component and adjusting the replacement accordingly.

2. Cause: Your steering belt is too loose.
Solution: Slack on your power steering belt is never a good sign.

3. Cause: Your car is running too low on power steering fluid.
Solution: Simply add more power steering fluid to your ride.

These are just some of the basic steering problems that you may experience when there is damage on your steering, suspension, or transmission systems. Most of the time, these symptoms appear in groups or pairs—and you’ll have to address more than just a single steering problem to restore your vehicle’s performance.


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