The Risk Of Failing To Maintain Your Car

As a vehicle owner it is vitally important that you are carrying out regular maintenance on your vehicle. In Pune, there are many car mechanics that helps to maintain your car by offering all kind of services in their car workshop.

Without proper maintenance, your vehicle will be a lot more likely to be prone to more serious problems in the future that could lead to you lose your life also being greatly out of pocket.

It has been noticed that some of the most expensive issues that can occur as a result of not maintaining your vehicle can be found below:-

# Fixing or replacing the cylinder – the need to either fix or replace the cylinder in your vehicle is often a sign of continued neglect. Cylinder failure occurs when the correct mixture of fuel, air and sparks are missing, which leads to the cylinder overheating and then failing.

# Replacing the transmission assembly – transmission problems can be caused by regular maintenance. These problems are rare only if regular maintenance, especially if you follow your manufacturer’s guide, is carried out. Without a fully functioning transmission, your car will be unable to turn and to replacement of the transmission assembly will be required.

# Replacing the cylinder head and spark plugs – not maintaining your cylinder head and spark plugs can lead to engine failure. Misfires in your engine will cause the cylinders to heat up and fail .

#Replacing the camshaft – failure to change your oil regularly and cleaning your valves will lead to dirt and grime building up which can result in your camshaft failing. This usually only happens if regular maintenance is neglected so you shouldn’t have a problem with this assembly unless you fail to maintain your vehicle.

If these problems occurs on road the consequence of it can be very expensive risking your life. So to avoid having to pay out your life and vast sums of money, it is important to ensure you carry out vehicle maintenance duties regularly.

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Bosch Car Service Centres in India

Bosch Car Service is one of the largest independent workshop chains worldwide. International service network offers more than 16,500 certified workshops in 150 countries.  The core services are maintenance and repair for all vehicle brands. They believe in giving training to the experts.

Watch this interesting video to know “how they believe in training Bosch Expert”

In India, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Division is responsible for the supply, sales and distribution of automotive parts for vehicle servicing; diagnostics equipment for workshops (i.e. testing equipment), technical information, training, and consulting; and technical after-sales service for Bosch automotive products and systems.

Bosch India has over 5,000 outlets , spread across 1,000 cities and towns and also manages over 2,100 Workshop / Service network comprising over 500 Bosch Car Service, 1,000 Bosch Diesel Service Centres, 500 Electric Modules & 100 Express Car Service in India.

These centres provide highest quality of customer service and solutions to the vehicle owners. Two new workshop concepts “Express Car Service” & “Express Bike Service” have been added to the network. There are 15 Bosch Training Centres in India, which offer training to customers on both technical and commercial aspects.

Some new Bosch Car Service Centers are coming up with facility at par with Dealer/OEM facilities. Bosch Xpert Car Solution in Gurgaon is one of them.

Bosch Car Service
Bosch Xpert Car Solution at Gurgaon, Haryana, India

They provide all kind of car maintenance job work like car servicing, running repair, wheel alignment and balancing, and accidental repairs, denting and panting job work.

Bosch Car Workshop
Bosch Car Workshop

Car aftermarket is still unorganized in India, but having over 5000 outlets with 500 Bosch Car Service Centers and 100 Express Car Service centres across India are good numbers.

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Multi brand car servicing business in India : Corporate with franchisee model

India is poised to overtake Japan as Asia’s No. 2 vehicle market by 2016 according to new estimates (by WSJ). Car sales in India are projected to rise to 4.88 million vehicles by 2016. Car servicing business is growing faster to meet increasing demands from large car population.


Serving to car owners with all makes would definitely bring more business to car service center than serving to one. According to reports, only one-third of the cars go back to the dealerships post warranty and rest search for other good workshop. There is huge potential in after-market for multi-brand workshops.

Small car workshops serve multi brands. Normal servicing and running repair is possible at any service station but arrangement of genuine parts is not easy for everybody. Car manufacturer recommends genuine spares. Availability of genuine spare parts difficult for multi brand workshops and customers prefer dealer workshop.

Over the years, Indian Auto Spare Parts sector has witnessed a slow yet steady growth. Spares parts of different brands are available in the market. Small workshops use non-branded cheapest parts, some believes they are same genuine parts without labels.

Corporate like Bosch, Mobil1, Castrol, Carnation, Carz are running multi brand authorized workshops. Some are building own multi brand workshops and others are making franchisee all across India. There business model varies, some are supplying tools and other lubricants to these franchisee workshops.

There is estimated over 19000 multi brand workshops in India, and estimated 5000 are worth. All corporate search for these 5000 worth workshops to make them franchisee or try to acquire them.

Maruti has 2992 authorized workshops all across India. Currently Maruti vehicles are more than others, but workshops which are not doing good in business starting servicing to multi brand customers.

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Car Servicing & Repair Cost

What is the price of car servicing? Commonly asked question. Works managers are very conscious to reply the same because people confuse with “parts” and “consumable” items . Repair cost differs from normal car servicing.

Car Repair

Dealer charges 50% more labour than small workshop because of their costly labours. During warranty period, labour cost is free and customers just need to pay for lubricants and small liquid top ups. 45% cars owners even do not know or they do not take chances to get their car servicing at car workshops other than dealer service centre.

In india, cost estimation is still not exact and dealers try to be accurate during car check up. Customers are different and trusting dealer for cost estimation remains doubtful until he gets his car with satisfactory delivery. Small workshops run on referrals. That is the only way they can build trust or car owners consider them cheater.

The new trends are authorized multi brand workshops. To build trust, branding is important and corporate are coming up with good processes to give cost estimation accurate. Bosch has opened more than 500 authorized Bosch Car Service center in India and more corporate are coming up with same business model. Even corporate are trying to give small workshops technical training but making transparent cost of car servicing is still a problem for car owners. Maruti and Hyundai are opening more authorized workshops (non-OEM dealer) .

Web services in cars: Microsoft integrates it in Toyota vehicles

Internet technology is growing fast and next 10 years, hardly there is any desktop software. With onset of cloud computing, you can imagine every computer device can use software on the internet without much use of local resources.

Recently there is a news, Microsoft will use web services in Toyota vehicles. The partnership will develop and roll out ‘telematics’ applications for cars, which could provide features like GPS, power-management and multimedia services.

Toyota’s 2012 hybrid vehicles will be the first to get the services, and by 2015 it expects to offer them to customers worldwide.

Microsoft has been involved in the auto market for several years – it designed Ford’s Sync entertainment system, which was rolled out in 2007 and lets drivers do things such as make phone calls, listen to incoming text messages and use GPS to get turn-by-turn directions.

Also, there is a new trend of using web based application for after sales market. Last January, Bosch Network Chooses MAM’s Web-based Garage Software. Bosch Car Service has setup authorized car service centres network all over the world. There are over 260 Bosch Car Service in India. For many garages and small workshops, managing the administrative tasks of the business can be complex and time consuming. Bosch Car Service Network has recommended MAM’s Web-based Garage Software to all authorized workshops.

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