Basic Car Care Tips for Enhancing the Performance

One should follow the basic car care tips for enhancing the performance and safety of his/her car. If we will take care of our car, car will take care of us. Below are some basic car care tips that should be followed.

  1. One should check the oil filters and oil levels at regular interval of time.
  2. Checking of hoses and belts should be done if they are showing cracks, they should be replaced.
  3. Checking of all brakes at least at every six months, it is not necessary that they will make noise when needs maintenance.
  4. Brakes, power steering, radiator coolant, wiper fluids are to be checked periodically.
  5. Battery inspection should be there, corrosion should not be there.
  6. Air level should be checked in tires and tires should be replaced if needed at particular interval of time.
  7. Heating and Air conditioning should be checked yearly.
  8. Struts, tie rods and ball joints are to be checked in every six months.
  9. Light System and Washer Blades are to be inspected.

Online Car Service: Feel The Comfort

Cars are not mere vehicles, which you drive to go to a different place almost every single day. The state of your car depicts your nature. How well you take care of your car actually shows how caring you are. Your car needs the timely servicing so that it can provide you the desired efficiency. Even if you are an expert, it is requested that you should not try every thing on your car. Rather, you should go for the online Car services that can provide you the best techniques to take care of your car.

The online car service includes tips for maintenance of your car, increasing its efficiency, tips of various car accessories etc. The Car Information Tips provide you the guidance like experts provide. If you are planning to buy a new car you should surely go for some online research first. By doing this you will be able to compare different models of your favorite company and can choose the best one for you.

There can be problems that are minute but are relevant. These problems are needed to be handled with care. Here the online experts come in to the picture. They provide to the best Car Information Tips available. These experts find the solution to your problems as if they are your personal experts.

So, the next time you need any help regarding your car that you treat like your family member, trust these services. These service providers will treat your car as their own, and will provide you instant advice telling what should be done.

Car Care: How to improve the Fuel Efficiency?

The price of the fuel keeps on increasing. The best defense against the high price of the fuel is to buy a smart car that provides you good fuel efficiency and car care is the next important factor to be noticed. Besides this there are some of the tips that you can use to get the good fuel efficiency from your car. So read the article carefully to get the tips, here we go:

• The old air filter should be replaced with an upgraded high flow air filter sold by a well known company. You can even go for the upgrade of air intake and filter.
• Replace the spark plug wires and the spark plug with a good one. Before the replacement of spark plug a proper gap should be found between the electrodes.
• Drain the old motor oil through the oil drain plug. Place it in a fluid recycle container and bring it to the auto shop for recycling. Remove the old oil filter and replace it with a new and upgraded one. Refill the engine with long life motor oil of good quality. Check for tightness of all the parts before finishing.
• Take care of the vehicle weight and air tire pressure. They can be responsible for loss of 35%fuel efficiency. Remove all the trash and extra weight from the vehicle. Manage the tire pressure each week or daily.

All these steps will help you to raise the efficiency of your car.

Car care: Go Green

Go green is the passion for the environment friendly car driving that helps in shaping up the environment for pollution free city. Go green concept follows the rules of saving fuel and environment. It’s easy to follow; this will ensure the environment and our safety at first, because if we do it then only other person can think about it. So let’s check some simple tips we can remember and follow easily.

• Don’t speed it up, drive smart and slow as hard acceleration waste the gasoline even mileage decreases sharply if speed is above 60 mph.
• Shut down the car engine while waiting for anyone as it eats up car battery.
• Don’t carry extra weight in your car, extra weight decreases mileage and less weight with increases the mileage.
• Check all tire pressure as it balances the vehicle and the ride too, so in short it will give you the smooth and hassle free ride.
• Keep the car engine tuned up, as it may cause serious problem with the vehicle.
• Don’t go for much oiling process in car servicing, as per recommendations and manuals do it when highly recommended.
• Check the car air-conditioning, if not working properly call for proper car servicing center.
• Check all the fluid and oil leaks in the car.

Routine car maintenance is the key for car care. This is the way for go green and environment friendly road safety measures.

Tips For Night Time Driving

Love cars? You must love driving them also and what about driving in the night? It is total pleasure to drive the car in dark night on silent and empty roads. Feels so good when we just imagine all this, but do we all know accident rates are triple in night. Are we safe in night while driving? Driving in day time and driving in night is totally different from each other, darkness adds the risk and danger factor in it.

Let’s see the possibilities of issues which, anyone can face in the night time driving are:

• Vision problem
Car accident problem
Car repair problem
• Car speeding problem

These are the most common and potential reasons that can easily happen with anyone of us, but we can learn few key points so that we should not face as such problem with us.

• Check the speed limit of the road and drive accordingly.
• Don’t drink and smoke in night while driving it will increase the chances of car crash or some mishap.
• If you are having vision problem, do carry your glasses so that you don’t face any problem due to vision and extra or dim light.
• Switch off the lights inside your car.
• Be alert and safe in night.
• Always carry medical box, list of important phone numbers car breakdown service and car repair kit, that can be used in case of emergency.