Car Service Centre Tips

How to use a Car Service Center and what to do when you need one?

1)Your car is likely to be one of the largest investments you’ll make, preserve its value by having it repaired professionally.

2) Never drive a car that could be unsafe because of damages, most insurance companies will pay for a vehicle to be towed to a Workshop as part of the accident claim.

3) Some insurance companies may request that you visit a drive through claims office or have an estimate written by a specific Car Service Station

4) You are not required by law to obtain more than one estimate.

5) You have the right to have your car repaired at the car repair centre of your choice. Your insurance company cannot require you to go to a particular car service centre.

6) Ask if the car service centre offers a repair warranty.

7) Let the accident repair service centre you choose help you negotiate your claim with the insurance company, this often leads to a better end result.

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Features and factors of car insurance premiums : MeriCAR

Traffic and rising costs of car repair & service are the indicators of valuable car insurance.

Insurance for your car is set to get more expensive this year. Every car owner must know the features and factors of car insurance premiums.

Features of vehicle insurance: It is better to check online for insurance providers. There are many insurance agents approaching you at the first place. Your new car dealer may advice you for insurance. Insurance is usually expensive from a car dealer.

Read the insurance documents carefully. Car insurance has its own list of additions. Insurance policy includes damage/loss of your vehicle due to natural calamities, theft, accident and terrorist activities. By paying additional premium accessories like music system, air-conditioner, etc can be covered. Car insurance covers only book value of the damaged parts. Premiums are paid by car owner annually. The insurance company pays for cost of damaged parts which needs to be replaced and the minimum labour cost to repair car. The insurance doesn’t include major loss, mechanical and electrical breakdown. Insurance is not valid when vehicle is used outside the geographical area.

Premium determining factors: The Insurance premium rate depends on model, cubic capacity, area or locality of registration, expected usage in terms of mileage, theft rate, age of vehicle, safety threat, etc. A new vehicle means higher insurance premiums. Commercial use of your vehicle will push up the premium rates.

Insurance Claim Procedure: In case of accident, following documents are a mandate:
• Proof of insurance policy
• Original and a copy of Registration Book.
• Original and a copy of Driving License of the person driving.
• FIR in case of accident involving Third Party Injury or Damage.
• Claim form along with the original estimate of repairs obtained from the workshop.


Emergency Car service, Call

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Worried about car repair costs? Check out nil depreciation policy

Insurance companies are coming up with new `nil depreciation’ policy. This policy will cover repair and replacement cost of parts from bumper to bumper at no cost to customer and applicable to both metallic and non-metallic.

This is available as an add on cover to the private car package policy and roughly costs an extra 0.40% to 0.65% of the Insured’s Declared Value (IDV) depending on the age of the vehicle up to 1500 cc. For vehicle above 1500 cc, the premium load is 0.45% to 0.70% from one to three years.

This means a new car with an IDV of Rs 3 lakh, the additional premium will work out to Rs 1,200 for the first year which will go up to Rs 1,950 in the third year of the car.

The New India Assurance Company Limited, which provides nil depreciation as add on cover for private car whose IDV is between Rs 3 to Rs 21 lakh, covers a new car for three years under this policy. An official from the company said any claim after the first two admissible claims under the enhanced cover will be settled as per the provisions of normal private car package policy. “Also any claim occurring after three years from the date of purchase of the new car will be settled as per the provisions of normal private car package policy,” the official added.

Source: The Time of India

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Insurance Companies force to car manufacturer to reduce car repair

Bajaj Allianz has convinced auto makers to make small changes in the process and supply child parts at service station and include high end equipment to reduce repair costs.

Denting are very common to include into insurance claim and increase cost of repair because of labour. The insurance company claims that in a four-year car a dented door is replaced, the owner will have to bear half the cost because of depreciation. But if the dealer had hi-tech dent removal equipment, the repairs would be done at a fraction of the cost.

All private companies are making use of data and approaching manufacturers. “We have been in continued dialogue, encouraging them to introduce child parts and bring down costs,” said Gaurav Garg, MD & CEO, Tata AIG General Insurance.

Source: TimesOfIndia