Focus End Customer, OEM’s change of mindset & Ecommerce for spares : Automechanika

ACMA Automechanika New Delhi is india’s first ever trade exhibition held at New Delhi from 8th to 10th Feb 2013. The Automechanika is specialized and dedicated to the auto-component aftermarket.

Apart from companies product display, the seminars were eye opener for audiences with topics on trends and regulations of aftermarket. The focus on the booming opportunities and learning’s for India from trends in the world’s developed aftermarkets.

JD Power Asia Pacific, MD, Mr Mohit Arora suggested focusing on importance of “end customer” that still lacks in the industry. The debate on OEM’s change of mind set to control auto component sales were highlights during seminars. The panel discussed about “Right to repair” act which does not exist in India. Ernst & Young presenter Mr. Rakesh Batra highlighted in his presentation about the opportunity to focus on opportunities for “unorganized” car workshops. PAE representative replied to audiences’ question about the use of ecommerce for spares at retail which he thinks is still at early stage to explore it. Mr Arun Dey from Reliance Autozone highlighted potential of retail in car accessories.

Improving the Auto components value chain and cutting costs – Lessons from China were more topics for discussion in the seminar.

ACMA would definitely bring change in the Indian aftermarket Industry and facilitates worldwide trends.

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Petrol Prices Hike. Worried? Install CNG Kit in your car

Recent hike in petrol prices has made everybody think about the alternate. CNG kit is a very good option. It is not only the cheapest one but also a eco-friendly fuel. CNG Fuel is lighter than air rise upward even when mix with air. Low density CNG mix with air do not catch fire. CNG is more safer than petrol if precautions have been taken carefully. CNG fuel does not pollute environment.

Mostly who know about CNG avoided because of its low performance. For better performance, you can go for a duel fuel car. You car will run both on Petrol and CNG. There is an automatic switch which starts your car on petrol and then switch to CNG automatically. CNG Kits are widely imported from Argentina and Italy.

Nowadays car manufacturer are making CNG fitted cars. For new car, you must go for CNG fitted cars and there is no problem in the warranty. If you have old car and you want to install it, then you can contact car mechanics or car service center for installing government approve CNG. Installation of CNG kits to Petrol Vehicles are under the guidance of VRDE (Government Institute) and ARAI (Automobile Institute). There are more than 20 types of Government Approved CNG Kits are available in market to install in Car and other automobiles. Various Indian Made CNG Kits are also available and certified by Government of India.

Here are some of guidelines for CNG cars:

1. Install only durable and Government Approved CNG Conversion Kits to your car.

2. CNG Kit fitting shall be from government approved fitment centers.

3. Take proper precaution and safety measures before installing a CNG Kit to your car.

4. Before selecting for a duel fuel car you should be clear that you really need Duel fuel car. If you travel more than 100 Kms per day, and you will need less luggage space and the filling stations are on the way or near-by, then go for it else think again because it doesn’t worth that extra money you spent.

5. For duel fuel car, you must run car on petrol for sometime. It has been noticed that once car owner install CNG avoid use of petrol completely, it affects engine.

6. Car servicing is required from time-to-time on regular basis for CNG cars, as Engine would have different way of consuming fuel and runs dry most of the time without petrol.

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Go the Extra Mile with your Car

Car manufacturers guide you with car servicing only for a period of 30,000 miles to 100,000 miles depending on the brand and the extent of the warranty period. Most often, the manufacturers might give you a periodical free service a few times. Most problems in cars occur only after this time, since by then various parts of your vehicle might have undergone wear and tear. Therefore, as a car owner, you need to exercise a good amount of care to ensure a long life for the car and its vital parts.

As a car owner, the best thing you need to do is to find a mechanic or service center who will periodically guide you with your car service needs. It will be very convenient if the service center occurs in midway between the regular route you often travel so that you need not make a separate visit to the mechanic at times of need. This will also ensure that you remember to service your car from time to time.

It goes without saying that besides regular maintenance of the vital parts, you should not neglect minor problems which might worsen if not attended ending up with a big bill.

Most cars are designed these days to run up to 500,000 miles. However, most people do not keep their cars for this long. However, if a proper car care is ensured, you can easily reach this mileage without having to change your car for a new one. In car maintenance, you can always remember the quote, “Trifles make perfection, but perfection is not a trifle.”

Little care on a regular basis can help your cars run the extra miles that others have not been able to cover. With a proper care, you have every reason to feel proud about your car and make others feel jealous about the condition of your car. While old cars can shine and run well with proper maintenance, even new cars can turn you down, if not properly attended to.


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Parts Shortage affects Car Production

Japan’s quake affected automobile industry and major car manufacturer has shortage in spare parts. In India, auto experts think it may not affect because of localization of supply and small dependence on Japan, as some parts coming from Thailand. Japanese carmakers Suzuki and Honda were anticipating similar problems in sourcing critical parts from home companies.

Toyota is more affected than others because it builds a larger percentage of its vehicles in Japan. Honda, Nissan and Suzuki-are all planning aggressive strategies for India’s top growth market.

Today India announced cuts production. It will cut production at its 13 North American plants by 75 percent in the next six weeks. Those plants build about 70 percent of the vehicles Toyota sells in North America.

Honda Siel Cars expects some production bottleneck from May, when its stock of critical parts could go dry. Suzuki, which operates in India through Maruti Suzuki, may face problems from tier-II supplies.

There are reports state that Volkswagen, BMW and Porsche have all commented that suppliers are having problems as demand for German cars booms in the United States and China.


Faulty car engine components in the new car. Check out if your car is defective

Honda’s Indian subsidiary will recall over 50,000 of cars to replace a defective part that could stall engine restarts and will affect new Hond city cars. This is second recall by the Japanese major since last January when it recalled 8,532 City cars made in 2007 to replace defective power window switches that could cause fire.

Honda car manufacturer are not the only one did this recall, last year Toyota ran into problems after recalling close to nine million vehicles globally. A bulk of those recalls were in the USA. The move dented Toyota’s image and the firm announced that it could face losses of $2 billion due to output and sales slump globally.

According to The Economic Times news today, India has been witnessing a spurt in recall as the domestic automobile industry has been growing at 30%. Maruti Suzuki recalled 40,000 A-Star cars last year due to leakages from the fuel tank. Other companies such as Tata Motors faced recurring problems of fire in the Nano and has asked the owneers to re-check their cars but stopped short of calling it a recall. The first ever recall of sorts was that by Maruti Suzuki (then Maruti Udyog) which recalled its popular hatchback Zen in the year 2000 due to a faulty steering system.

Here is what you can do when your new car has defective components

Since total recall is every manufacturer’s worst nightmare – the product that the company has spent millions developing, producing, marketing and shipping all around the world may have a fault. (Source:worldfinance) so they avoid total recall unless there are many disputes arise.

Preferably they would try to avoid giving you “replacement” or “refund”, but it is customers right under Sales acts that customer can demand full car “replacement” from car manufacturer. There are many cases when car manufacturer has no recall but few vehicles have faulty parts.

There are few suggestions if things go wrong with you.

1. Take the car back to the dealer and tell him about the problem.

2. Probably car dealer will offer you replacement of spare parts under warranty, but you can even reject it and hand over the keys and give your reasons in writing, requesting a refund.

3. Since mostly cars are under finance, so you have to give Finance Company your rejection reasons, and then let them deal with it on you behalf. If the dealer refuses your rejection of the car, you’ll have to speak to the manufacturer; they may be able to negotiate a solution.

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