6 Do-It-Yourself Checks to Avoid Costly Car Repair Bills

We are referring to basic maintenance here. Leave the engine rebuilds to the professionals. A large number of breakdowns are avoidable, so save the cost by following quick and simple tips.

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Regular servicing may not be frequent enough to uncover potential problems such as radiator fluid leaking (causing engine overheating and damage). One morning per month, before you start your car, take two minutes to do the below quick six checks (five if your car is a manual).

To simplify the process, many modern cars have colour coded parts for easy identification. If your car doesn’t, ask your car mechanic to show you or look in the manual.

1. Oil level – pull out the oil dipstick, wipe it with the paper towel, push it in and out again and look at the two marks near the end of the stick (one is maximum, the other minimum). The oil should be clear and between the two marks.

2. Brake fluid – it’s usually a small, clear tub with an easy-to-remove top. Make sure the fluid is above the minimum line.

3. Radiator coolant level – unwind the cap to the radiator. The coolant should be green or red and very close to the top. Do not open if the engine is hot.

4. Water in wipers – usually located near the driver’s window. Keep it topped up.

5. Transmission fluid for automatic vehicles – there’s another dipstick to pull out. The fluid must be clear.

6. Look under your car – for any recent, wet drips as this could be a sign of something serious such as an oil leak.

6 Months servicing
Scheduled servicing should be done twice a year so mark it in your calendar as a reminder.

Weekly tasks
• Tyres – check your tyre pressure each time you refuel.
• Wash windows – inside and out for better visibility.
• Keep interior clean – Keeping your car free of unnecessary objects can also help with fuel economy.

You can avoid most costly and disruptive breakdowns by completing scheduled servicing and these simple do-it-yourself checks. You can always check out with your nearest car service center, repair shop for inspection in case you find anything unusual rather doing it everything yourself.

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Car Care: Wash & Wax it

March end of autumn, starting of spring season make you mood flow in various directions. Holy is standing next to us; we are going to shop for home, family & friends. We commute by car, don’t you think so you are forgetting about car care. Car care includes a wide range of activity with the car but Car wash is key to keep your car clean from outside and waxing it afterwards it the source for maintenance of car. Regular car wash and waxing is good for car external body’s care that constitutes in long run.

Car wash and waxing should be done when there is no as such affecting factor like extreme weather condition like heat, rain or snowfall, as it can rapidly eliminate a strong coat of wax if not parked at right place.

Basic car wash procedure includes scrub it with cotton towel or soft cloth, if stains are dark then use it with care. Clean the windows and glasses gently, now the turn comes for wheels scrub them properly with liquid soap or washing agent. Let it get dry in shadow space and then wax it thoroughly which will add grace and shine to the car.

To retain the outer appearance of the car, effort made in direction to regular maintenance that includes car wash and waxing or  polishing will give you feel of satisfaction.

Car Services Tips

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How to get the right estimate of your auto repair costs? Check out

When you buy new car, hardly you do any effort to know the cost of car servicing. Your car is under warranty, and you car manufacturer ensures that you need not to pay anything extra except for oil and consumable.

Once the warranty gets expired, the cost of servicing become high at the same authorized service station. That is the time you need to compare cost at other service station. About 45% of car owners in India, still visit to same service station and do not worry about costs until somebody refer them other service station or they came to know that they are charged “extra” for what they may not require or any other un-happy expereince.

Charging extra for the work/parts that may not require is very common. Globally, car owners worried about charging extra. For example, you brake pads are still to run for another six months, but mechanics ask you to get it replaced now. You can relate these phenomena with doctors asking you take precaution medicine before it happens. It may be good for you if you forget changing your brake pads or not good for replacing things which is still working.

For car owners, you must have cost estimation. Getting car check up at two service station is good idea, but consume sometime. Labour charges have been standardized by car manufacturer at dealers, but fixing at other workshop is not easy thing. Corporate are coming forward to build authorized service station, but standardizing car servicing prices are still a challenge as labour charges varies.

Here are few guidelines:

1. Visit to nearest car servicing center and ask for cost estimation. All car workshops owners do not mind giving estimate.

2. Call to MeriCAR.com Customer executive center. Ask them to give you two choices of car service station. MeriCAR Helpdesk take your call on conference and introduce you to service stations. You will get some idea while talking to works manager.

3. Check out MeriCAR Review Section, you can have fair ideas from car owner’s feedback where you get fair idea of right car service station. You can also try asking question to automotive experts at Ask The Expert.

We are not saying you will get exact cost estimation, but yes, you can get some fair idea of your car servicing and repair. In rare cases, your estimation gone wrong because your car fault can not be detected until car engine is not dismantle, that you can not help it yourself. You have to rely on car service station.

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Starting a car in the winter is a problem. Check out

You get up in the morning and your car won’t start. Its common. Check out what things you need to take care to avoid having this situation.

Check Your Battery

In Winter car battery gets discharged easily and it is common problem. Battery produces fewer electrons during cold weather, hence less energy to work with when it tries to start the engine, and this causes the engine to crank slowly.

Get your car better checked from your car mechanic if this is producing energy properly. Old batteries are to be replaced.

Use synthetic motor oils

In winter, oil gets a lot thicker. So, when you try to start a cold engine, the engine has to push around the cold oil and that makes it harder for the engine to spin. In really cold places people must use synthetic motor oils because these oils stay liquid in cold temperatures.

Check ignition switch
Faulty ignition system leads to starting problem. Try jiggling ignition key whilst turning it.

For free check up, you can search for nearest car service center

Search for car battery shops and buy cheaper one.

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