Car Care: Handle the Scratch

Holy is just standing next to you and the summer too. Indians loves to play this festival with colours, water and balloons. We are entering in the festive season with full on craziness and enthusiasm, before all these preparation we remember to take care of our skin with the help of oiling or creaming on it, so that the skin should not get damage . What about car? Car care is one of the major concerns in this festive season and weather is also changing so there is full possibility of scratches or damage of car body surface. It will cost to our pocket and hit the budget also.

As we know the problem that can occur, so we can take a look on car’s exterior finish that can be damage via scratch and stains on it. A must not thing to do with your car wash or car maintenance.

• Never use cheap detergent or hard soap on the car, instead of experimenting go for authorized car service centre for car related issues.
• Never allow the temporary repair of scratch on the car because it may damage the surface of the car and it will reduce the cost of your car in terms of future resale purpose.
• Examine the problem properly and allow only the quality products to fix the repair the car.

Issues of Spark Plug

We can only judge the performance of spark plug but the solution of it lies in the hand of mechanic so book car services & mechanics at to look at it for you if you found some problematic areas regarding spark plug. As we are not doing it on regular basis, we don’t even bother about it that it could be the reason for car breakdown. You should check and clean the spark plug from time to time, and get it servicing done quarterly at least so that it should not create a problem that will waste your time and money due to negligence.

Car start up problem; you turn on the ignition key a number of times before the car starts up, something is stopping this isn’t. Mileage of car is dropping down and at of sudden a visible difference then reason is faulty spark plug.

Problems can occur if issues are not resolved let’s take a look on few common factors happen with spark plug.

• If carbon gets deposited over the spark plug then it causes hard starting of vehicle this result in weak ignition.
• If ash gets deposited over the spark plug due to oil and fuel fumes, it results in misfiring and problem in acceleration which gives a sudden drop in mileage also.
• If oil gets deposited over the spark plug due to failure of control over oil leaks, it again results in effort in starting the car .So look for change and repairing of plugs.
• If this hard starting is there all the time then it can lead to damaging of engine because it may heat up the plug unneccessarily and heat range always affect in a bad way so check the spark plug.
• If there is any mechanical damage to the spark plug then it will look like dead, replace and get a new spark plug for your car.

“ small issue may lead to big failure sometimes”

Anti Rust Treatment for Car Care

Car Rust is the question of where you keep your car and how to maintain your car. So, it is very important to wash your car often in order to remove the dirt and salt that promote oxidation in vulnerable areas of the car. There are many ways to slow down the appearance of rust on a car but it can never be totally vanished unless the car is constantly kept inside a garage.

Warranties against corrosion on brand new cars are not an issue at least 4 or 5 years. Anti-rust treatments should be kept in mind, even if there are no visible signs of corrosion. When should treatments be applied?

Car workshops offers a wide range of car care products aimed at protecting your ride, anti-rust Car Care must be properly applied in order to give effective results on the vehicle. The crucial month for this implementation is from April to October. It would be ideal because of the season change, not only to avoid the pre-winter rush at the car workshops, but also to gain the added benefits of warmer weather. As heat expands the pores of the metal and facilitates the absorption of anti-corrosion car care products (Anti corrosion coating) that is the cure for rusting this happens on car.

Anti-corrosion coating refers to the protection of metal surfaces from destruction or damage slowly caused by chemical action in high-risk (corrosive) environments .If you are thinking of having this important protection coated on your vehicle, you should understand the various applications to apply anti corrosion coatings on your cars, because every car needs are differ from each other starting from its segment to classification.

BMW recalls again 9,200 cars over pump problem

It would seem nobody is immune from recalls these days

The company said Monday that the recall involves eight- and 12-cylinder versions of the BMW 5, 6, 7, X5 and X6 series and the Mini Cooper S and Mini John Cooper Works models. Most of the cars were produced in March and April 2011.

The recall involves a possible defect in a cooling pump. The company says the problem has arisen only in one or two cases. It seems all the cars share an electric auxiliary water pump with a dodgy circuit board that can overheat, causing the waterpump to “smoulder” (BMW’s word) or in a worst-case scenario, cause an engine-compartment fire.

BMW India Recalls 3422 cars in early April. 3,422 units of 5 and 6 Series cars in India within a month to replace a faulty battery cable cover. The company will replace the battery cable cover in 5 and 6 Series cars, which were produced between 2007 and 2010



Puncture on the Road. Check Out Your Tools

Yesterday when i left for the office, my car was punctured on the road. This time, I decided to change stepney tyre myself. I never did it myself earlier and called mechanic many times in similar situations. Here are some interesting things to learn from my mistakes. Just a basic stuff.

car breakdown

Flashing Lights
I put my car’s light in flashing state. It is important to make everybody know that my car has a problem on the road to avoid any traffic jam. I take car at the side of road.

Check Stepney Tyre
Firstly i checked if my stepney tyre is ok and have proper air pressure. There was less air but that was ok to make car reach to petrol pump.

Check out jack and tools
I found jack and one tool to screw jack. I put jack under the left tyre car body and started making car tyre free from surface. After 5 minutes, car was little up and tyre was free.

To my surprise, i could not find tool to un-screw nuts bolt and did mistake to make car tyre free without unscrew nuts and bolts of car tyre. My car was park near to Mandir and one driver was looking at me. I asked him about that unscrew tool. His car tool could not fit into my car’s nuts and bolt. Somebody told me that there is a car mechanic nearby. I walked to him and he given me that unscrew tool. It was a great help.

Next time i would keep all tools checked on a regular basis and will prepare myself for the same condition.

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