The Risk Of Failing To Maintain Your Car

As a vehicle owner it is vitally important that you are carrying out regular maintenance on your vehicle. In Pune, there are many car mechanics that helps to maintain your car by offering all kind of services in their car workshop.

Without proper maintenance, your vehicle will be a lot more likely to be prone to more serious problems in the future that could lead to you lose your life also being greatly out of pocket.

It has been noticed that some of the most expensive issues that can occur as a result of not maintaining your vehicle can be found below:-

# Fixing or replacing the cylinder – the need to either fix or replace the cylinder in your vehicle is often a sign of continued neglect. Cylinder failure occurs when the correct mixture of fuel, air and sparks are missing, which leads to the cylinder overheating and then failing.

# Replacing the transmission assembly – transmission problems can be caused by regular maintenance. These problems are rare only if regular maintenance, especially if you follow your manufacturer’s guide, is carried out. Without a fully functioning transmission, your car will be unable to turn and to replacement of the transmission assembly will be required.

# Replacing the cylinder head and spark plugs – not maintaining your cylinder head and spark plugs can lead to engine failure. Misfires in your engine will cause the cylinders to heat up and fail .

#Replacing the camshaft – failure to change your oil regularly and cleaning your valves will lead to dirt and grime building up which can result in your camshaft failing. This usually only happens if regular maintenance is neglected so you shouldn’t have a problem with this assembly unless you fail to maintain your vehicle.

If these problems occurs on road the consequence of it can be very expensive risking your life. So to avoid having to pay out your life and vast sums of money, it is important to ensure you carry out vehicle maintenance duties regularly.

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Bosch Car Service Centres in India

Bosch Car Service is one of the largest independent workshop chains worldwide. International service network offers more than 16,500 certified workshops in 150 countries.  The core services are maintenance and repair for all vehicle brands. They believe in giving training to the experts.

Watch this interesting video to know “how they believe in training Bosch Expert”

In India, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Division is responsible for the supply, sales and distribution of automotive parts for vehicle servicing; diagnostics equipment for workshops (i.e. testing equipment), technical information, training, and consulting; and technical after-sales service for Bosch automotive products and systems.

Bosch India has over 5,000 outlets , spread across 1,000 cities and towns and also manages over 2,100 Workshop / Service network comprising over 500 Bosch Car Service, 1,000 Bosch Diesel Service Centres, 500 Electric Modules & 100 Express Car Service in India.

These centres provide highest quality of customer service and solutions to the vehicle owners. Two new workshop concepts “Express Car Service” & “Express Bike Service” have been added to the network. There are 15 Bosch Training Centres in India, which offer training to customers on both technical and commercial aspects.

Some new Bosch Car Service Centers are coming up with facility at par with Dealer/OEM facilities. Bosch Xpert Car Solution in Gurgaon is one of them.

Bosch Car Service
Bosch Xpert Car Solution at Gurgaon, Haryana, India

They provide all kind of car maintenance job work like car servicing, running repair, wheel alignment and balancing, and accidental repairs, denting and panting job work.

Bosch Car Workshop
Bosch Car Workshop

Car aftermarket is still unorganized in India, but having over 5000 outlets with 500 Bosch Car Service Centers and 100 Express Car Service centres across India are good numbers.

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Why do car owners go for complete car body paint

There are many reasons for painting the whole car, here are few ones:

car painting

1. Sometimes, it’s because the elements have noticeably aged a vehicle. Its surface is faded, shows cracking or peeling, or doesn’t shine or wax up anymore.

2. Many times, car runs really well and is in good shape, so its owner wants to keep it looking good for four or five more years.

3. Some car owners want to get more money when selling their car, or get it sold quicker.

4. Others are giving a car to a family member.

With more than 10,000 auto paint colors in quality formulations that range from high-grade enamel to single-stage urethane to basecoat/clearcoat urethane, workshops  provides the price and quality you want for your car.
Besides painting, workshops do expert auto body repair work. Car mechanic straightens metal, fix dents, repair dings, replace parts and eliminate rust.

How can your workshop body shop do all this for just a fraction of the price dealer? They can charge less because they do more auto paint jobs than anyone else or their labor costs are low.

Car Painting Offers:

SAVE upto 43% on car car paint overcoat at selected car service center.

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Extended Car Warranty Plan – a game plan. Check out

Warranty is very cool word and gives every car buyer piece-of-mind. Majority of car warranties are done based on assessment and condition of the car at the time of the offer of warranty.


Many car owners buy an extended warranty out of fear that their car will need expensive repairs just after the car manufacturer’s warranty expires, but actually that scenario is not very likely. Think! If you are worried about anything can happen to your car, you’d be better off buying a car with a proven track record for longevity and build quality.

I can see mostly warranty plans are to build customer base for repeat sales. Most companies offer limited coverage and many exclude items that are most likely to break. In India, car dealers offer extended warranties and few independent companies offering similar services. CarZ (Hyderabad) is offering Extended Warranty Plan.

In other countries, there are many independent agencies offer extended warranty after car manufacturer’s warranty gets expired.

Experts do not recommend it for stating reason that even if an item is covered in the offer, a dishonest warranty company will find reasons to delay or avoid paying claims. In India, car owners do not think much and go for the offer from dealers. Here are some guidelines when you purchase extended warranty plan:

1. Compare with other companies (If you can find independent companies apart from dealer)
2. Look for companies that offer low price with money-back guarantees.
3. View the contract online before you purchase.
4. Be sure you understand what is covered.
5. Make sure you see the actual contract and don’t base your purchase decision on a sales brochure.

Other alternative to extended warranty plan :

Do not buy it and save your funds for regular repair and get your car service regular at good car service center to avoid any surprise!

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Roadside Car Repair Shops – Challenges and Problems

Roadside car workshops, tyre puncture shop and small repair auto shops are very popular. Not only in India, globally people have made garages near the road to attract customers. It is not a new concept. It exists all over.

Gobally governments have problems with these roadside car repair shops. Some are built around residence to make noises for the residents and few are built out of the city on unauthorized land.

In other countries, mechanics have converted their house garages into car workshop. Do-it-yourself is very popular in other countries and people do minor check ups and car servicing using their own garages. Experience car mechanics run their garages commercially. Major issue with roadside workshops is storage of abandoned vehicles. Customers who leave their cars and storing them need bigger space.

In New Jersey, repair shops that store an abundance of abandoned vehicles on their property could start facing fines of up to $1,000 if the Borough Council pushes ahead with an ordinance to limit the storage and outdoor repair of vehicles.

Workshop owners claim that customers left their cars even they have repaired, so they should not be penalized. The problem with many of the cars is that they have been abandoned by customers who refuse to pay, or he’s waiting to collect from insurance companies.

Survival of these auto shops are not easy. Customers who use them are cost conscious and they also look for facilities available with them. Most of them are depended on voice based yellow pages and provide pick and drop facility. When they can’t make customer satisfactory showing them good shops, they have to provide high-end quality services of customer. Sophistication of car technology is another challenge. It is not a joke, but i have seen roadside car workshop in the posh area who attends his meeting sitting in the car because he has no space for sitting and runs his workshop on the road.

Can these roadside be organized? A big question for the after sales service car industry.

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