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MeriCAR Team always believe in “word of mouth” marketing, that has no cost but really helping car owners with QUALITY and SAVING huge cost of car maintenance.

Watch video of real customer and listen how he got to know about “mericar subscription” and “car servicing deals“.

How you can save on car maintenance?

1. Go to Hot Deal Section of

2. Choose the deal.

3. Fill up the form for any clarification.

4. Executive will explain you the deal again with terms and condition.

5. Pay Online.

You have Car Servicing Coupons in the MAIL.

This offer is applicable in the following cities – Pune, Nasik, Amravati, Ranchi, Hyderabad and Delhi/NCR

Oils Well That works Well

When we talk about car care or car maintenance, first thing that strikes is oil starting from engine oil to gear oil or brake oil . Oil is soul of any vehicle. Like the blood works for us same the oil works for the vehicle without it, it will not work. The flow of oil in engine is minutely designed so that it optimized the lubricant change intervals, minimization of oil waste and maximization of engine life. Proper lubrication is the main concept for keeping an engine in fit & fine condition. Every vehicle has different demands and requirement starting from bike to car to truck and their oil requirements because, the petrol engine function differently from diesel engine. Each type of engine needs to be addressed accordingly in order to ensure that it’s functioning at its optimal level.
Few measures we can take in order to check, whether the oil in the vehicle is up-to the mark or it needs to be correct:
  1. Picking the right Lubricant: Always go for the right lubricant that is specifically designed for that vehicle type only. Lubricants come with ratings. Be stick to that recommend rating and don’t try and experiment.
  2. Check oil levels: The oil level should be checked in the morning before firing up the Do make sure that all lubricant levels are topped up to the specified levels according to the prescribed vehicle manual.
  3. Routine Service: Taking your vehicle for a routine service with in regular time period also ensures the lifeline of your vehicle is on boost.  Allow the mechanic to check the things such as oil changes, oil checkups and subsequently the fixing of the faults that occurred or may occur in future.
If these few steps are not able to resolve your oil  problem, You are free to  discuss your issues related to car and they make sure you will get the best car services and best car servicing deals.

Celebrating Independence Day by offering huge discount at car workshops along with 24×7 breakdown assistance™, the pioneer in online car servicing and repair, offers free paid servicing and discounts at car workshops along with 24×7 breakdown assistance on the occasion of Independence Day.

Gurgaon, Haryana, August 13, 2012 —, ™, the pioneer in online car servicing and repair is offering free paid service and discount at member car workshops in New Delhi and NCR. The company is associated with automotive companies to help car owners for car servicing and on-road 24×7 emergency car breakdown.

Customer needs to logon on to the website and pay online for membership. Once the customer buys servicing deal online, the team sends car servicing coupons through courier at customer’s home or office. The coupons can be used for one year at selected MeriCAR workshops members. is using secure DirecPay, a payment gateway by The Times of India Group venture for all membership transactions.

The 65th Independence Day brings offer at Rs 650 to make celebration more speical.

“Our company value is to help customer to reduce their car servicing costs while suggesting them the right car workshop in their neighborhood. Car workshops members get regular customers with these offers. Independence Day is special day for us to share joy with our customers” says, Rakesh Sidana, CEO, launches Car Servicing Deals for car owners to save on car servicing bill™, the pioneer in online car servicing and repair, launches a unique and new membership for car owners which entitles them to avail various discount coupons at MeriCAR member workshops in Delhi-NCR.

(PRESS) Gurgaon, Haryana, May 1, 2012 /India PRwire/

MeriCAR 24×7 car servicing booking helpline in New Delhi & NCR launches car servicing deals as a part of ‘Loyalty Program’ for car owners in Delhi-NCR.™ coupons include offer for car servicing, Teflon coating, rubbing & polishing, car wash, wheel alignment, 24×7 breakdown card membership comes along with 24×7 support for car breakdown.

Customers need to register on and after paying the membership charges online, they can use coupons at member workshops in Delhi-NCR. is using secure DirecPay, a payment gateway by The Times of India Group venture for all membership transactions.

Car owners can call the MeriCAR Helpline Call Center number at 875-0000-555 to book their car for service or repairs. Using™ Loyality Program car owners can save upto estimated Rs.5,000 annually on servicing and repair bill.

“Loyalty Program is customer acquisition program . It would help MeriCAR to retain customers and workshops get new customers by giving them discounts” says Rakesh K. Sidana, Founder, CEO,

The company is planning to launch similar program in other cities.

Notes to Editor™ is first in India dedicated car servicing web portal. The venture is helping car owners to search the neighbourhood car service centre, connect to the right car workshop and save on car servicing bill.™ impacts unorganized after-sales-market and provides personalized support to find the right car workshop in India.™ has over 180 member car workshops and its search web directory has over 500 verified car repair and service centres all across India.