How to Check Your Car’s Engine Oil

A one-minute investment can keep your car healthy and running smoothly

Think of motor oil as the life’s blood of your car’s engine. Checking it on a regular basis is a key part of keeping your engine running well and getting the most miles out of it. The oil lubricates the engine’s internal moving parts, keeping them from wearing too quickly. It also helps keep the engine clean, by preventing dirt buildup, and helps keep it from overheating.

Checking the oil level is a quick, easy job that we recommend you do at every other gas fill-up. All you’ll need is a rag or paper towel, and your car’s owner’s manual if you have questions.

Engine Oil, Check!

First, check the owner’s manual and follow the automaker’s recommendations. Some newer cars have electronic oil monitors and don’t have traditional dipsticks for manual inspection.

If checking the oil yourself, make sure the car is parked on level ground and, with most cars, the engine is cold, so you don’t burn yourself on a hot engine part. (With some cars, the automaker recommends that the oil be checked after the engine has been warmed up.) With the engine off, open the car’s hood and find the dipstick. Pull the dipstick out from the engine and wipe any oil off from its end. Then insert the dipstick back into its tube and push it all the way back in.

Pull it back out, and this time look at both sides of the dipstick to see where the oil is on the end. Every dipstick has some way of indicating the proper oil level, whether it be two pinholes, the letters L and H (low and high), the words MIN and MAX, or simply an area of crosshatching. If the top of the oil “streak” is between the two marks or within the crosshatched area, the level is fine.

But if the oil is below the minimum mark, you need to add oil as described below.

Also, check the oil’s color. It should appear brown or black. But if it has a light, milky appearance, this could mean coolant is leaking into the engine. Look closely for any metal particles, too, as this could mean there is internal engine damage. If you see either of these conditions, get the car to a mechanic for further diagnosis. If you suspect a coolant leak, have the car towed.

If everything’s okay, wipe off the dipstick again and insert it back into its tube, making sure it’s fully seated. Close the hood and you’re done.

How to Add Oil

Use the grade of oil recommended in the owner’s manual. It will usually have a designation such as 0W-20 or 5W-30. You can buy it by the quart at any service station or auto-parts store, as well as in many supermarkets and discount retailers.

To add oil, remove the oil filler cap, usually located on top of the engine. Since over-filling with oil is bad for the engine, you should add oil a little at a time. Start by adding about half a quart. Using a funnel helps avoid spills. Wait a minute or so and check the dipstick again. If the level is still below or near the minimum mark, add the rest of the quart. Unless your engine is leaking or burning oil (or if you haven’t checked it in awhile) you will rarely need to add more than a quart. However, if a second quart is needed, add that in slowly as well, checking as you go.

Screw the oil filler cap back on securely, and you’re done



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Car wash and Detailing Franchise Business in India

Unorganized Indian aftermarket has given birth to a branded chain of “car wash and detailing outlet” in India. Making them successful every outlet is not easy if it run like just another struggling “startup”. Better it should be “franchise” where parameters of success is DEFINED and franchiser has done lots of work to make franchisee successful.

cozi-car wash spa van
cozi-car wash spa van

Here are 5 ways to make car wash and detailing franchisee business success.

Look Bigger Than You Really Are

When I thought of the idea to start my auto detailing business, I knew that since I was just a one man operation, I needed to make it appear that I was bigger than “just me.” I didn’t have any sort of logo yet, so I hired an artist to design a logo that made it appear that I was a franchise or a larger company. I was fairly certain that I would attract more business from customers that thought I was multi staffed. At the time, (I’ve since partially changed my philosophy)

I was unsure that people would hire me being that I had no help and little detailing experience. I found an amazing artist, and for a very reasonable cost, he designed my logo and it set the tone for the “branded” look. It made my “company” look way bigger than what it really was. This included logos for my website, my phone number and so forth. Everything was set to look branded, professional and bigger than what it really was.

Don’t Underestimate Your Business By Lowering Your Prices

I have learned that most people in the detail world would like to have a true “detail.” That means they are willing to pay a premium price for a premium service. I strongly discourage in being the lowest priced business out there. People that call for “discounts” or “deals” in this business turn out to be bad customers, or at least ones that don’t return. With my pricing, I have it set at mid to high, but that is because I offer mid to high end services. Customers are willing to pay for a better job. Detailing is a luxury service, and customers expect luxurious results. Sometimes, I get calls from people wanting a “quick” or an “express” detail. I do not offer that because I feel the customer will be disappointed. The best analogy that I can give is: If you are on vacation and you and your family want to go out to dinner, I am willing to bet you will pick an upper class, nice, restaurant with the best steak or seafood available over a fast food restaurant. If you go ahead and get the fast food restaurant, you’ll most likely be disappointed over the steakhouse during your (Luxury) vacation.

Have The Best Attitude

In order to succeed in any business, especially a single person operation, you must have a great attitude. You must believe in your heart that you are the best. There can be no doubts in your mind that you are the best. People can see and feel about how the business owner’s confidence rates. If there is doubt within the potential customer, then they will go elsewhere. I have never met a detailer that didn’t have an ego bigger than my house, and I have to admit that I am the same way. You have to truly believe that you are the best. Be confident, and show your confidence by giving an awesome service. Be the BEST!

You can contact for “car wash and detailing franchise” by filling the form, (click here) i can hep you to find the right brands.

PS: The Author Mr. Rakesh Sidana is an entrepreneur who set up unique business model for automotive aftermarket India.

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Things to watch out for your car paint protection

Car Care’s specially developed car protection packages you will have taken an important step in not only making it look its best, but keeping it that way for years to come. A better looking car means a higher re-sale price.

Paint protection

The first thing you will notice is how easier your car is to clean – water just runs off it and a quick wipe with a microfiber cloth leaves a brilliant shine – because contrary to some claims it doesn’t mean you never have to clean it. Any blemishes should be removed as soon as you spot them using the appropriate product. That product should be a wax less based product as to not neutralize the bonding formula of the paint protection product.

In most cases a wipe over with Car Cares Water less Wash and using the appropriate microfiber cloth is all that is needed. Using other cloths, such as cotton etc can cause scuffs and scratches.

What that extra layer has given you other than making you car look good – is a little longer time to deal with any problems.

Things to watch out for are as follows:

• Road Contaminates- if over a long period of time oils, dirt, tar, exhaust and other pollutants build up they combine to affect the paint finish.

• Nature- Tree sap, bird droppings, insects, bore water and other natural deposits can, if allowed to stay on the paint work, leave an etching or scarring. All of the above should be washed off as soon as possible.

• Environment- Industrial fallout and other man made products may react chemically, damaging paint work. The easiest way to keep the paint work looking great is to keep it clean. However many of the worst problems can be caused by poor cleaning practices and the use of wrong products.


4 Ways to get your car shine for summer

Summer means more time to spend outside cruising, and of course, caring for your car. Here’s some tips to get that perfect shine!


1. Waxing

Find out more information about heat protection for your car. Always be sure to wax your car in the shade and out of direct sunlight. Don’t forget to give your car a nice scrub and inspection for waste before waxing. If you notice that your wax isn’t lasting as long as it should, it may need the help of a paint cleaner. Paint cleaner goes on just like wax, but is removed right away.This way your wax will last longer and shine brighter.

2. Interiors

There’s nothing worse than getting into a car and immediately getting hit with smelly odors. All it might take is some vacuuming and a little odor remover. Odors and bacteria like to hide in the carpet of your car. A little shampoo and bacteria eliminator can be a big help when it comes to smelly smells.
For leather interiors, make sure you use the proper products that won’t dry out the leather. After you use the proper cleaning products, make sure to always use a conditioner . This will also help deflect UV rays, which will prevent drying, fading and even cracking.

3. Wheels

Having clean wheels automatically makes any car stand out. After rinsing, try scrubbing your tyres with a good wheel cleaner. The rims on your car can get dusty and grimy from constant exposure to extreme weather. A nice metal polish is all you need for a good shine that lasts.

4. Trim conditioning

Faded trim is not very attractive. Because of it’s strong UV rays, the sun can dry, fade, and gray plastic and rubber trim. It’s never a bad idea to increase the protection on all surfaces if your car will be in direct sunlight on a regular basis. A plastic sealant can help seal and restore exterior areas back to their natural, supple state while preventing continued deterioration.

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Protect your car paint : MeriCAR

Wind, dirt, rain and sand are all dangerous for your car paint. Sun can also affect your car paint. Protecting the finish of your car paint is a very important to keeping your car looking great and lasting a long time. Your car is a big investment so protect your car.

The paint protection may be refreshed with little attempt and cost, whereas replacing paint will be economically painful.

There are many ways to protect your car paint.

Keep the car covered: As you move through your weekly routine, seek covered parking whenever
possible. This protects not only your car’s paint but also its headlights and rubberized trim.

Wash your car often: Washing your car and cleansing it of pollution is best for your car. Never scratch your car, use an auto detailing clay bar. “Claying” is a safe way to remove damaging materials without leaving a outline.

Wax your car: Wax your car once a month. The best way to keep your car looking like new. The wax protects the paint and also prevent dirt and grit from sticking to your car Never wax in direct sunlight, as this will cause the wax to bake.

Have a paint sealant applied. This is offered at most car dealerships, auto detailing or collision shops..