Hike in petrol prices leads to increase sales of CNG-powered cars

Car makers are seeing customer preference for CNG cars after increase in petrol prices. The running cost for petrol car is Rs 5.05 whereas Rs 2.09 for CNG-run.

A long queue of vehicles at a CNG filling station in New Delhi on Friday following shortage of the gas. Photo: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar

Restricted availability of CNG stations are considered roadblock for expansion. There are 635 CNG stations in India which are very less to see 4 million cars on natural gas by 2015. The availability is limited to Delhi, Mumbai and Gujarat only.

Maruti offers CNG options in its Alto, Eeco, Estilo, Wagon R and SX4 models and projected CNG cars account 20% of total sales. Other car maker Hyundai has gas variants of i10, Santro and Accent.

New cars are fitted with CNG. If you have old car and you want to install it, then you can contact car mechanics or car service center for installing government approve CNG. Installation of CNG kits to Petrol Vehicles are under the guidance of VRDE (Government Institute) and ARAI (Automobile Institute). There are more than 20 types of Government Approved CNG Kits are available in market to install in Car and other automobiles. Various Indian Made CNG Kits are also available and certified by Government of India.

Here are some of guidelines for CNG cars:

1. Install only durable and Government Approved CNG Conversion Kits to your car.

2. CNG Kit fitting shall be from government approved fitment centers.

3. Take proper precaution and safety measures before installing a CNG Kit to your car.

4. Before selecting for a duel fuel car you should be clear that you really need Duel fuel car. If you travel more than 100 Kms per day, and you will need less luggage space and the filling stations are on the way or near-by, then go for it else think again because it doesn’t worth that extra money you spent.
5. For duel fuel car, you must run car on petrol for sometime. It has been noticed that once car owner install CNG avoid use of petrol completely, it affects engine.

6. Car servicing is required from time-to-time on regular basis for CNG cars, as Engine would have different way of consuming fuel and runs dry most of the time without petrol.

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Multi brand car servicing business in India : Corporate with franchisee model

India is poised to overtake Japan as Asia’s No. 2 vehicle market by 2016 according to new estimates (by WSJ). Car sales in India are projected to rise to 4.88 million vehicles by 2016. Car servicing business is growing faster to meet increasing demands from large car population.


Serving to car owners with all makes would definitely bring more business to car service center than serving to one. According to reports, only one-third of the cars go back to the dealerships post warranty and rest search for other good workshop. There is huge potential in after-market for multi-brand workshops.

Small car workshops serve multi brands. Normal servicing and running repair is possible at any service station but arrangement of genuine parts is not easy for everybody. Car manufacturer recommends genuine spares. Availability of genuine spare parts difficult for multi brand workshops and customers prefer dealer workshop.

Over the years, Indian Auto Spare Parts sector has witnessed a slow yet steady growth. Spares parts of different brands are available in the market. Small workshops use non-branded cheapest parts, some believes they are same genuine parts without labels.

Corporate like Bosch, Mobil1, Castrol, Carnation, Carz are running multi brand authorized workshops. Some are building own multi brand workshops and others are making franchisee all across India. There business model varies, some are supplying tools and other lubricants to these franchisee workshops.

There is estimated over 19000 multi brand workshops in India, and estimated 5000 are worth. All corporate search for these 5000 worth workshops to make them franchisee or try to acquire them.

Maruti has 2992 authorized workshops all across India. Currently Maruti vehicles are more than others, but workshops which are not doing good in business starting servicing to multi brand customers.

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India to Overtake Japan in Car Sales



Picture Source: http://si.wsj.net

Customer Focus at Maruti Authorized Service Station

Maruti believes after-sales service is important to let customer decide when they buy their vehicle. Maruti has established a network of car service centers in India. There are 2992 car workshops authorized by Maruti in India.

In Gurgaon, some of good workshops have established very good brand with specialized service for Maruti. Qutab Automobiles is one of them.

Qutab Automobiles is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified renowned Car Service Center in Gurgaon providing state-of-the-art automotive diagnostic and repair services. We are a Maruti Authorized Car Service Center in DLF Phase – IV, Gurgaon.

Qutab has dedicated vans for car breakdown, anywhere in Gurgaon or DLF City, just dial to qutab helpline numbers and get car problem fixed within no time

The prompt and efficient service provided by Qutab Automobiles Service Center in Gurgaon has earned them a repute that stands for honor and commitment to the customers. With same day turnaround for most Automobiles repair services, Qutab Automobiles can also be accredited to be the preferred choice of most.

To know more about Qutab Automobiles, please click here.

Search for more Maruti Authorized Service Station.

My first car – small car – Maruti Alto

I remember when i bought my first car. It is Maruti Alto. It was obvious i was looking for car which is affordable and easy to maintain. Maruti always comes first when we think about better car servicing because if its large network of maruti authorized service station. Maruti Alto is considered to be rough and tough car which is fit for India roads and mileage is better in the same category. Maruti Alto was improved version of Maruti 800 with more comfort and features like well balanced chasis, better interiors and powerful AC.

Maruti Alto

Today, Maruti got world’s best small car. According to HT report, the Alto sold over 310,000 units in India during the year and was the only small car in the world to have sold that much units. Volkswagen Gol, Fiat Uno are the next ones in the world.

There are launch of new small cars Tata Nano. Bajaj is trying to launch new one in the same category, but Maruti is still house-hold name in small cars. Maruti has a large network of 2992 maruti authorized serive station all across India.


Maruti Sale Declines, But Tops in Customer Satisfaction in after-sales-service

Today’s news report of Maruti shows first time losses in three years. Labour problems and fuel price hikes re major reasons for these losses. Experts think people have more choices in the market and Maruti could not meet demands because of less production at their plants. There are different assumptions and debate.

Maruti Alto

In Nov 2011, according to JD Power Report, Maruti Suzuki India has topped in customer satisfaction with dealer service for a 12th consecutive year. The reason is a large network of service center and strict guidelines for dealers to follow during audit process. JD Power also said that highly satisfied customers with overall service performance show more loyalty to both dealerships and the brand.

Maruti has made a trusted name at every home with a large network of 2992 car service centers all across India. There are three 3 categories of Maruti authorized service station, A-category, B-category and C-category. Apart from dealer, Maruti has Service Zone, which gets upgrade from MASS and have different guidelines for maintaining quality servicing and repairing.