Repair or replace? Know your choice at car service centre

Your car is out of warranty and your car mechanic finds it needs fix. Repair or replace? It is common question you need an answer. You may get two answers to the same question. Car manufacturer’s Car dealers (OEM) have guidelines to avoid repair when replace can be done. The reason is simple, as it helps increasing customer satisfaction and there is also no chance of customer complaints.

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Different answers to the same question always confuse customer when other independent multi brand car workshops can do repair. It is interesting to know that car dealers suggest “replace” to avoid second time complaint whereas small car workshops suggest “repair” to get repeat customers with low cost estimation of repairing.

There are common problems of clutch plate, gear box and break pads. I would suggest the following points to consider in similar situations.

1. Try to get answer if that car part is repairable. In some cases, some parts are not at all repairable.

2. Compare estimate from car dealer service center and other workshops. Please do not expect car dealer would suggest you to get it repaired from outside, they would suggest you for replacement only.

3. Ask question about time span/life span of that spare part. In case of repair, part has some life span, that should be clear while you take repair decision.

4. In case of replacement, prefer genuine branded parts only.

Taking decision on repair or replace of car parts, it is entirely your judgement based upon information provided by your car mechanic, so, compare it with other car workshop for better idea.

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Petrol Prices Hike. Worried? Install CNG Kit in your car

Recent hike in petrol prices has made everybody think about the alternate. CNG kit is a very good option. It is not only the cheapest one but also a eco-friendly fuel. CNG Fuel is lighter than air rise upward even when mix with air. Low density CNG mix with air do not catch fire. CNG is more safer than petrol if precautions have been taken carefully. CNG fuel does not pollute environment.

Mostly who know about CNG avoided because of its low performance. For better performance, you can go for a duel fuel car. You car will run both on Petrol and CNG. There is an automatic switch which starts your car on petrol and then switch to CNG automatically. CNG Kits are widely imported from Argentina and Italy.

Nowadays car manufacturer are making CNG fitted cars. For new car, you must go for CNG fitted cars and there is no problem in the warranty. If you have old car and you want to install it, then you can contact car mechanics or car service center for installing government approve CNG. Installation of CNG kits to Petrol Vehicles are under the guidance of VRDE (Government Institute) and ARAI (Automobile Institute). There are more than 20 types of Government Approved CNG Kits are available in market to install in Car and other automobiles. Various Indian Made CNG Kits are also available and certified by Government of India.

Here are some of guidelines for CNG cars:

1. Install only durable and Government Approved CNG Conversion Kits to your car.

2. CNG Kit fitting shall be from government approved fitment centers.

3. Take proper precaution and safety measures before installing a CNG Kit to your car.

4. Before selecting for a duel fuel car you should be clear that you really need Duel fuel car. If you travel more than 100 Kms per day, and you will need less luggage space and the filling stations are on the way or near-by, then go for it else think again because it doesn’t worth that extra money you spent.

5. For duel fuel car, you must run car on petrol for sometime. It has been noticed that once car owner install CNG avoid use of petrol completely, it affects engine.

6. Car servicing is required from time-to-time on regular basis for CNG cars, as Engine would have different way of consuming fuel and runs dry most of the time without petrol.

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Majority of Car Mechanics Missed at least one potentially dangerous fault (Survey)

According to recent survey with 62 garages by UK company “which?” 87 per cent of the garages missed or ignored at least one potentially dangerous fault while 39% charged for a product that wasn’t supplied. As part of its survey, investigators made four deliberate, easily-fixed faults a competent mechanic should spot such as a deflated spare tyre, low brake fluid or a blown bulb. The survey was conducted with garages affiliated to the Bosch Car Service scheme, Motor Codes scheme Good Garage Scheme in UK.

Everybody commented on survey that every garage at some point in a year must be thoroughly tested for quality of work, relevance of work and pricing, but some do not believe all those deliberate faults are serious. The only fault that actually affects the drivability is the low tyre pressure.

All affiliated car workshops carry out audits on all members annually and they must have regular audits.

Mechanics (D Bowall) who worked with some good workshops in UK commented on the report and listed possible reasons for problem with garages in common.

1/ many mechanics don’t have the education or the investment put into training to work on modern cars. The trade has always been a place to put school leavers who under achieved this was ok 20 years ago but not now.

2/ the person ripping you off is most likely to be the nice man who takes your keys than the oily mechanic you’d rather avoid. I’ve met more honest mechanics than I have receptionists.

3/ bonus schemes, they cause staff to rush as does pressure from above, It also stops co-operation between staff to fix faults.

4/ Explain a complex fault to most owners and they’ll stare at you like a dog that’s just been shown a card trick.

Above reasons applicable to all car workshops all over the world as these are common problem everywhere.

In India, servicing industry is un organized and many road side workshops. Corporate like Bosch Car Service, Mahindra First Choice Services are opening franchised based car workshops in India. With advancement of car technologies, there is a need to develop education system or manufacture supported program to train mechanics.


I simply want my local mechanic to be able to fix my car or it is not a suitable car for me

Car repair business has been changing when car technology is becoming high-tech. Car manufacturer supports OEM dealers and train mechanics with disclosure of all car repair information. Independent repair centre and mechanics are not trained enough to get sophisticated car repair without diagnostic tools for vehicles like Honda, Toyota and premium cars.

It has been believed by some (in USA) that car manufacturers are just trying to protect dealerships as they make more of their money from follow-up service than they do selling cars.

In USA, small car service centre invest in costly equipment and training for repair staff. They want to purchase the same equipment that the dealers purchase. The State House could pass a bill that would force car manufacturers to share sophisticated repair information with independent mechanics, not just their dealerships. That would make Massachusetts first in the nation with the so-called Right to Repair Act.

In Europe, officials rules covering the car sector could make it easier for consumers to use independent repair facilities rather than authorised service station garages.

In India, most of the small car repair shops rely on mechanics who have worked with OEM dealer earlier or they are self-trained and have no formal training. Scarcity of knowledgeable car mechanics makes difficult for small business to sustain and many workshops are out of business.

All over the world, majority of car owners interested to get their car servicing to neighborhood workshops or mechanics rather going to OEM dealers. It is truly said “I simply want my local mechanic to be able to fix my car or it is not a suitable car for me”

Car Servicing in India – Huge Gap in the After Sales Market

The car servicing market is unorganized in India. The car servicing market includes authorized service centers of vehicle manufacturers, some organized service centers, and roadside mechanics.

OEM dealers, Authorised service centers ASC (set up by vehicle manufacturers) are popular for providing good infrastructure like customer waiting rooms, clean workshops areas, trained mechanics, proper tools and equipment needed to perform repairs, genuine parts and transparent billing.

On the other side, roadside mechanic use spare parts openly available in the aftermarket that was cheaper compared to genuine spare parts. Mostly spare parts manufacturers that supply to car manufacturers sold the same spare parts in the open aftermarket. It has created competition.

Authorized service station charge heavily because of their infrastructure and labour cost and road side workshops charge less. Customer search for other cheapest workshops when their car warranty gets expired.

Many corporate like Bosch, Mahindra, TVS, Castrol, Mobil1 are opening their authorized service stations in India. Bosch has over 260 Bosch Car Service, Mahindra First Choice Services has 7 multibrand car workshops. Carnation has setup 12 hubs all over India in major cities.

There is transformation from OEM dealers, ASC and road side mechanics to organized authorized service centers. The factors that are driving this transformation are increasing car population, dominance of the unorganized segment and the ever-increasing gap between customer expectation and fulfillment.