Monsoon Car Care – Checklist

Before the monsoon, it is important to make sure the car is in physically optimal condition to face the monsoon. Take care of all the checks to be done according to a checklist.

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1. Wipers and Windscreen:
• Buy new wiper blades every monsoon – old ones may get hard, dry and scratch your windscreen
• Check that your wiper motor is working fine on all speed settings
• Ensure your windscreen washer tank is full up.
• Using windscreen washer fluid helps to keep your screen cleaner than with just plain water

2) Tyres:
• Check your tyre treads – they should be at least 2mm deep
• Inspect the sides of each tyre for cracks in the rubber
• Check tyre pressure each time you fill fuel – including the spare
• Always inflate to the recommended pressure only

3) Electricals:
• Check all wires to ensure that they are well-insulated
Battery terminals should be well greased

4) Interiors
• Check door seals and underbody for signs of leakage
• Always use rubber mats during the monsoon – carpet mats smell bad when they get wet.
• Consider using a car fragrance to avoid the damp odour

5) Key Essentials
• Carry a torch with extra batteries – always useful in the dark
• ‘Dry Powder’ Fire extinguisher to put out electrical fires
• Double-check the medical kit for expired medication
• Snack items like chocolate, wafers, biscuits and drinking water can help if you get stuck in the middle of nowhere
• A car charger for your cell-phone

If your car has tubeless tyres, an emergency tyre puncture repair kit can help you inflate your tyres sufficiently to drive to the nearest workshop.


WHEELS – Warning Signs!!

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If your car not able to run smoothly on road, it could all because of the issue with the  car tyres /wheels.
Number of reasons could be there. Let’s talk about it.
• Is that Wheel Alignment and Out-of-Balance? Wheel Balancing- this balances the rotating tire. If the tyre is not balanced, it will cause a vibration to the vehicle alignment- This makes sure that all tyres on the vehicle are pointing the same direction.  A proper alignment makes the tires last longer makes driving the vehicle much easier.
• If there is vibration in the steering wheel or through your seat. The steering feels unstable. This usually happens when a front wheel is out of balance. If you feel the vibration only in your seat, it’s probably a rear wheel. In either case it pays to have all four wheels balanced at the same time. You will be surprised at the difference it will make in the way the car will move on the road.
• Your vehicle pulls to right or left when driving. Firstly, check the air pressure in all your tyres. Make sure both front tyres are of the same size, type and brand. If not then, change them making side wise tyres and you got problem.
• When you drive over a speed breaker or there is a  dip in the road, car bounces twice or more times before settling down . This happens usually by worn or broken shocks, but when they are replaced you should notice a big difference in the ride and stability of your car.
Car care, you just need to have patience and be alert for your car performance, if you can solve it from yourself then just remember few points mentioned above or you can visit the best car service workshops, India’s first dedicated web portal on car services, we will take care of your car , you can find or book online car services and car maintenance workshop near you.

Are you planning to buy new car tyres? Check out expert’s tips

Tyres are probably the most important tool in your vehicle because no car can work without four perfect tyres. Tyres are important for other reasons too like your safety and safety of those around you depends on them. So it’s essential that you select the right kind of tyres for your vehicle and also maintain them well.

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In India, there are around 40 listed tyre companies in India. Major Key players in India are MRF, Apollo Tyres, JK Tyre & Industries, Ceat, Goodyear. These companies account for almost 90% of the organized market.

Buying new tyres can be a tough job as most of us do not know how to pick the right tyres for their vehicle. Right tyres are the one that suits your car and helps in improving its effectiveness. Before you plan your purchase, you must know what to look for in your tyres. Here are some tips that will help you in your purchase.

• Do not compromise on the cost. Always try to get the quotations from at least three shops. Compare them and then go for the best option.

• While replacing new tyres with the old ones, remember to note important information from old tyres regarding brand, size, height, width, design etc and get the same kind.

• Buy tyres from a place which has tools for fitting, balancing, alignment and other stuff.

• Try not to buy single tyres as this can affect the balancing part. Buy tyres in pairs and put the new ones on rear tyres as this will provide good traction with the brakes.

• Remember to change those worn out tyres, before they cause any accidents. Your car brakes will not work properly if your tyres are not in good condition.

• If you do not remember the size of your tyres, you can also check it from your car’s manual. Knowing the right size will save a lot of your time and energy.

• Always buy tyres from famous brand because there is a reason why it is popular.

• Check with your tyre shop about warranty period. Mostly famous brands also come along with 3 years warranty. Warranties are applicable on original usable tread pattern. For Michelin tyres, the original usable tread pattern is the original pattern down to the level of the tread pattern wear indicators – 1.6 mm of tread pattern remaining.

We hope this will help you. Remember if you think your car need new tyres, it’s not good to delay it. If you need more help related to tyre purchase, please get in touch with™ service representative at +918750000555.

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Bring down car fuel costs by 20%

Commented on article by The Economic Times (18.05.2012) Founder, says “Drive sensibly, maintain your tyre pressure as specified, check the air filter at regular intervals. These simple practices could help bring down your fuel costs by as much as 10-20% over a period of time.”

You can reduce your fuel bill by as much as 20%, the sensible way.

Car users have seen their fuel bills rising significantly over the past couple of years. The price of petrol in Mumbai has moved up from 44.55 a litre in January 2009 to 70.68 today, a rise of 59%. Another price hike looks imminent.

The government is likely to give its nod to the oil marketing companies to hike prices once again on account of higher international prices as well as depreciation of the Indian rupee. In such a scenario, one should try to reduce fuel cost by some way or the other.

According to auto experts, if you drive with a little care and maintain your car well, you can save around 10-20% on your fuel costs.

Drive sensibly

The manner in which you drive your car plays the most important role in saving fuel. It is possible to drive the same distance in the same time, and yet use less fuel.

Adjust gears as per your speed. Shift to the highest gear once you touch the speed of 50 km/hour. Sudden acceleration and braking tend to increase your fuel cost.

If you can see a signal 100 meters ahead of you, it makes no sense to accelerate and reach there, as you will burn fuel unnecessarily. Signals are another area where there is scope to save fuel. Today, many traffic signals indicate the waiting time.

“If you have to wait for more than 50 seconds, it makes sense to switch off the engine, and restart it again as that saves fuel,” says Rakesh Sidana.

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The tyre Industry face difficulty with increase in rubber prices

The continuous increase in rubber prices till second quarter of current financial year has severely dented competitiveness and profitability of the industry.

“The tyre Industry has passed through an extremely difficult phase of continuous and significant increase in the price of natural rubber and other key raw materials. Since raw materials account for approximately 70 per cent of industry turnover, the input cost pressure has resulted in severe erosion of net margins. We keenly look forward to the budget for addressing specific concerns of automotive tyre industry,” Mr Neeraj Kanwar, Chairman of the Automotive Tyre Manufacturers Association (ATMA), said.

All large tyre companies have made substantial investments for new projects and expansions primarily in radial truck and passenger car tyres. The radial tyre investments have multiple benefits in terms of fuel saving, longer life and efficient utilisation of scarce raw materials. However, the industry needs an enabling policy framework from the government for these investments to be meaningful.

To increase competitiveness of the industry, ATMA has also asked for waiver of customs duty on those raw materials that have no domestic production.

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