Repair or replace? Know your choice at car service centre

Your car is out of warranty and your car mechanic finds it needs fix. Repair or replace? It is common question you need an answer. You may get two answers to the same question. Car manufacturer’s Car dealers (OEM) have guidelines to avoid repair when replace can be done. The reason is simple, as it helps increasing customer satisfaction and there is also no chance of customer complaints.

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Different answers to the same question always confuse customer when other independent multi brand car workshops can do repair. It is interesting to know that car dealers suggest “replace” to avoid second time complaint whereas small car workshops suggest “repair” to get repeat customers with low cost estimation of repairing.

There are common problems of clutch plate, gear box and break pads. I would suggest the following points to consider in similar situations.

1. Try to get answer if that car part is repairable. In some cases, some parts are not at all repairable.

2. Compare estimate from car dealer service center and other workshops. Please do not expect car dealer would suggest you to get it repaired from outside, they would suggest you for replacement only.

3. Ask question about time span/life span of that spare part. In case of repair, part has some life span, that should be clear while you take repair decision.

4. In case of replacement, prefer genuine branded parts only.

Taking decision on repair or replace of car parts, it is entirely your judgement based upon information provided by your car mechanic, so, compare it with other car workshop for better idea.

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Go the Extra Mile with your Car

Car manufacturers guide you with car servicing only for a period of 30,000 miles to 100,000 miles depending on the brand and the extent of the warranty period. Most often, the manufacturers might give you a periodical free service a few times. Most problems in cars occur only after this time, since by then various parts of your vehicle might have undergone wear and tear. Therefore, as a car owner, you need to exercise a good amount of care to ensure a long life for the car and its vital parts.

As a car owner, the best thing you need to do is to find a mechanic or service center who will periodically guide you with your car service needs. It will be very convenient if the service center occurs in midway between the regular route you often travel so that you need not make a separate visit to the mechanic at times of need. This will also ensure that you remember to service your car from time to time.

It goes without saying that besides regular maintenance of the vital parts, you should not neglect minor problems which might worsen if not attended ending up with a big bill.

Most cars are designed these days to run up to 500,000 miles. However, most people do not keep their cars for this long. However, if a proper car care is ensured, you can easily reach this mileage without having to change your car for a new one. In car maintenance, you can always remember the quote, “Trifles make perfection, but perfection is not a trifle.”

Little care on a regular basis can help your cars run the extra miles that others have not been able to cover. With a proper care, you have every reason to feel proud about your car and make others feel jealous about the condition of your car. While old cars can shine and run well with proper maintenance, even new cars can turn you down, if not properly attended to.


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Repair costs hit car owners hard

Many of us buy a new car because we presume that the chance of something going wrong is less likely, plus for the first three years your car should be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. After warranty expired, we have no choice but find another car service center to save costs. Manufacturer dealers offer extended warranty but overall labour costs and repairing costs are increasing.

45% motorists retained by dealers even after warranty. They are more quality conscious and ready to pay heavy, but trend is changing now. With increase in petrol prices, car owners could be feeling more strained than ever and would like to save repairing costs.

In India, on an average car owners spend Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000 annually after warranty for servicing and minor running repairs. Major repair costs are very high. In UK, research shows thousands of three and four-year-old cars cost an average £338 to repair after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

There is no other agency to cover for car warranty, but UK has company like warranty direct which claims providing better warranty after manufacturer;s warranty expired.


Additional Service Over Warranty to attract customers

Car sales are already down and car manufacturer are trying to lure customer by providing additional service over warranty. Chevrolett already advertise with 3 years extended warranty car service. Recently luxury car maker BMW India now offers its Secure Advanced service which is an additional service over the warranty and insurance policy.

“The BMW Secure Advanced offers coverage for a year from the date of purchase and covers specific services including roadside assist, which comes free for two years,” Dr Schaaf said. Till now, Secure Advanced was a paid service , as is its global practice. Indian customers want the service but do not want to pay for it hence it is being bundled with the car.
The country’s highest selling luxury car brand will also introduce its leasing finance product for car owners, allowing owners to own the cars for two-three years, turn it in for a new BMW.

Mostly car manufacturers do not have own car emergency breakdown services, as demands are very high. Managing these kind of services are not easy when focus is to sell cars. The scenario are changing and car manufacturer also focus on additional services like extended warranty and other services to make differences.

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Accidental cars during warranty have no choice

The after sales service market is very clearly divided into OEM dealer and Independent car workshops and garages globally. For the first three years, you go to the dealer because you have a warranty. Then you search for other neighborhood car service center, auto repair shop because they are so much cheaper than dealer.

During warranty period, car owners have no choice except asking dealer to help if his car met an accident. Even in case of small running repairs you can not go to small workshop or dealer will consider your car warranty void. This phenomenon is followed all across the world. Auto repair is a skilled based business and mechanics want to run their workshops dealing with all kind of cars. Why they should not do a repair to a new car? The independent repair shops loose their business catering to new cars.

Car manufacturer has established a network of dealers to provide car servicing and repair during warranty period. They train them and believe modern vehicles are very complex machines and the independent repair shops can not provide quality services.

In USA, a survey of 1,000 aftermarket repair shops performed by Opinion Research found that over $5.8 billion in service and parts sales is being lost annually because independent repair shops are unable to readily access the necessary repair information and tools from car manufacturers to properly diagnose and repair vehicles. The survey also found that independent shops turn away 1.8 million consumers each year because they do not have the information and tools to get the job done.

There are many some organization supporting Right to Repair Act in favur of independent car service center in USA, which states that the need for Right to Repair legislation has become a necessity in order to protect the rights of car owners to decide where and how they have their vehicles serviced, whether at a new car dealer or an independent service facility. Right to Repair ensures that the person who bought the car and not the car company, can decide where that vehicle is repaired and maintained.

Next time when you have any problem with your new car, you have no choice other than visting to same OEM dealer (even if you do not like him 😉

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