The Right to Repair Act- Car owners to decide where car is serviced or repaired

The car manufacturers sell and service cars through franchised dealers. The car dealers have large infrastructure and they charge heavily. It increases cost of car maintenance. Car owners have no choice during warranty period. Usually car owners prefer get their service done by independent auto repair shop, garage to reduce car maintenance expenses. That is possible once car warranty gets expired.

With advancement of car technologies and complexity of new car systems, there is insufficient information available to independent repair shops. In USA, some car manufactures claim to provide technical information and car manuals with some cost, but still there is a demand of The Right to Repair Act.

Right to Repair Legislation Introduced to US Senate which says:

“The act would require car manufacturers to provide diagnostic and repair information, plus other data, to independent auto repair facilities.

“Consumers should have choices about where to take their cars for repair or maintenance,” says Boxer.

“This legislation is beneficial for smaller, independent auto repair shops that are currently unable to access some information about the cars when that data is held exclusively at the (automobile) dealership”

The need for Right to Repair legislation has become a necessity in order to protect the rights of car owners to decide where and how they have their vehicles serviced, whether at a new car dealer or an independent service facility. Right to Repair ensures that the person who bought the car and not the car company, can decide where that vehicle is repaired and maintained.

The act has not been passed fully in USA yet, but you can see trends globally. You can guess growth of independent auto repair shops in the near future globally.

In India, we can not imagine similar kind of act soon, as car servicing industry is still unorganized and there is no common association which can raise similar demands, but YES, yes…. scenario is changing.

Presently car mechanics change their job frequently, they join independent auto car workshops (or open their own) with a greater role of responsibility and use their experience. Upgrading car mechanics skills is not easy but Indian believed to be smart enough to understand technology (that is not easy though). India needs associations which can train them and raise similar demands of Right to Repair as in another countries. I am looking forward India grow faster >>>>

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