Tips to save fuel to make your car go extra mile

Saving your car fuel will help you go extra miles shelling out the same amount of money from your pocket. Saving fuel has two benefits: Saving the planet besides saving your hard earned money. If you are thus going to bring down the number of times you ply to the petrol pump with your car, it is again going to save your miles for another useful trip.

There are a few ways in which you can help your car generate millions for you over a period of time by adhering to effective fuel saving practices. Some of them are listed below.

Imagine that you have defective bearings so that you will limit your speed on the highways leading to fuel efficiency. Above 60 kmph, most of the car’s fuel is wasted on assisting the vehicle resist the air particles bombarding on it. It is not funny though it might look. Unbelievably, driving behind a huge truck will help you save fuel since the vehicle running in front of you has done the job of resisting the air. However, don’t stay too close since your desire to resist the air free of cost should not end up letting your car bombard with the truck. At any speed, you should ensure that you are at least two seconds below the truck in front of you.

There is another trick that will regulate your speed to an optimum level. Driving too fast or too slow will cost more fuel. Therefore, imagine that your exhaust has a hole and your car sounds horrible so that you don’t drive fast to get caught due to over noise or get caught by being slow since the traffic personnel will be able to catch you quickly.

Launching the cars with a spurting speed at the start might sound good for racers, but not for you if you are conscious of saving fuel. Raising the car speed gradually has proven to save fuel. Over and above, racing out with great speeds on the city roads is not only unsafe; rather, it will also necessitate applying sudden brakes at times burning up more fuel.

Saving fuel is not something that every car owner practices on daily drives. However, the benefits of this for yourself, your car and the planet at a larger extent cannot be underestimated.


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