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Things you must know about your Mechanics

1) Know your Repair needs

Nowadays we have choices to pick from car repair centre which include Authorized car dealer, chain-store franchise, OEM dealers or an independent mechanic. It’s very important that you know your car repair needs before you pick any service centre.

If your car is under warranty period then it’s recommended you visit only OEM dealer. It’s when your car warranty expires that you decide to change your dealer because OEM dealers charge highly because of great facilities they are providing to customers.

When you decide to take your car to Authorized car dealer, chain-store franchise or independent mechanic’s station, make sure that you know the mechanic’s specialization. Be sure to ask who is going to do the work on your car and what areas that person is certified in.

2) See what you are charged for

How many times it has happened with you that you dropped your car to repair centre for routine service work or some repair work and when you come back you see that your mechanic made some additional repair or replaced some parts that you did not request for but as per your mechanic it was required to do so. 

A good way to avoid this problem is that you directly speak to the mechanic who is going to work on your car and give him clear instructions.

3) Always get a second opinion

It’s important to get price estimation from at least two mechanics especially when you are sending your car for repair work. Its huge market and competitive market and you can see huge difference in price from mechanic to mechanic.

4) Save Money on buying spare parts

You can save your money on buying spare parts by using used spare parts. They are less expensive and can save your money. However here you need to make sure that you get exactly the same part that you are looking for as recycled parts aren’t right for every replacement.

5) See if your Mechanic is capable to handle all work by himself

Your needs following repair to be done – wheel balancing, wheel alignment, battery change, fuel injector cleaning, dry-cleaning, painting work. You tae it to your mechanic and he informs you that he is not able to do all the work by himself but he has asked someone who is expert in that particular work to do it. This may gets you paying some extra bucks for the work done.

It’s always better to take your car to mechanic who can handle all work by himself.

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