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Top 10 Everyday Tasks That Can Ruin a Car

A new car finds its way into your car porch. Initially, you are very careful about its maintenance and upkeep. However, as days pass and you see the first scratch on your dream car, the interest in the car's maintenance is lost. This shouldn't be the case. However, even if you are taking good care of your car, there are a few things that you may have ignored or missed out. Here are the top 10 everyday things people do to wreck their cars. In no time the car gets reduced to rubble.

Not Using the Parking Brake:

There's a little pedal near your right leg, or a lever on your left. Have you ever noticed it? Use the mysterious device when you park on an incline, or even on fairly steady ground. By not using that parking brake you are actually putting all of the car stress on the transmission. It is only a pin called a parking pawl inside the transmission that holds your car steady. By using the parking brake, you lock up the non-drive wheels as well as the drive wheels and take the stress off the transmission. It will add years of life to your car's transmission. Just remember to free the parking brake before you start driving again.

Not Coming to a Complete Stop before Shifting:

Even while in a hurry, do not hurriedly pull out of a parking space and shift into drive while the car is still coasting backwards. You are decreasing your transmission's life span in seconds. When you shift without stopping, you are asking the gears in your transmission to be your brakes. This puts an incredible amount of stress on such a small area. You may even be damaging your drive shafts that send power to the wheels. This can lead to poor suspension handling and a worn out transmission.

Riding the Brakes down a Hill:

If you are driving on a hill that goes on for a while, avoid riding the brake the whole time. Alternating between braking and letting it off stops heat up and wear out of the brake pads. It's a common mistake, because it feels like the safest way to maneuver down a hill, but if the hill is sufficiently long, you can end up almost totally wearing out your pads. The more they heat, the faster they will wear out.

Forgetting to Change the Oil:

You need to change your oil at least every 8,000 km. Do not wait until the oil inside your engine has turned into jet black molasses and is of no use to your engine. More frequent changes can actually double the life of your car and greatly increase its performance.

Pressure Washing the Engine:

You may want a clean engine. It gets grimy. But a grimy engine that runs right is better than a clean engine that doesn't run at all. If you spray a high powered jet of water around rubber seals and hoses and electrical bits, you're bound to dislodge something important. A modern engine is complex and it's no place for a jet of high pressure water. A regular garden hose is okay if you want to wash it down.

Starting Your Car the Wrong Way:

You can make a big difference by turning off your radio, wipers, climate control, all of those accessories, when you start the car. By turning off those accessories, your engine doesn't have to work as hard when starting. Also do not rev the engine to warm it up. It doesn't help. It only makes the engine hotter, but it surely isn't the kind of warming up that you want. Instead, it can cause extreme temperature changes. When you start the car, the oil hasn't yet worked its way through the system, so the engine is working without lubricant. Just let the car sit and idle for about 30 seconds to a minute at the least.

Ignoring Your Car's Sounds:

Pay attention to your car's sounds. They will tell you what's wrong. If you hear your brakes squeak, get new brake pads. Ignoring the sound can invite trouble and you'll eventually hear scraping metal, which means you need new rotors. If you ignore that, you may see your car crash down with no brakes at all. Beware, as it is more common than you think. Listen to your car.

Letting the Interior Go:

Your car does not need food to live on. But of course it needs fresh air to breathe. Do not contaminate your car seats with what falls off the wrappers of the lovely food you eat. Vacuum your carpets regularly. If your car is filthy and has never been vacuumed even those 15 air fresheners hanging on the mirror cannot stop the sickening wind within your car. A smell is going to develop that is impossible to destroy. There exist smells that are so obscene and so inhumane that no shampoo can conquer. The only way to stop them is to never let them develop. Clean your car.

Running Your Car Down to Empty:

Let not your car get down to E. The residue in your tank will get sucked into the system and pollute your fuel injectors. Some mechanics do say that this is not true. Either way, running down to Empty does pose other problems. Your fuel pump's life span reduces considerably, since the fuel actually cools the pump. Most cars can drive another 100 km after they hit Empty. Auto makers call this extra gas the "buffer zone". U.S. cars have the largest "buffer zone" of any vehicles. German drivers, for instance, like to know exactly how much gas in is the car, so their "buffer zone" between the gauge's E and the actual empty tank is much smaller.

Driving Past Attractive Women:

This is a common mistake, especially among young male drivers. Attractive women can indirectly and incredibly pose a lot of problems for your car. They can cause the driver to install bizarre over-sized woofers or 22-inch rims, or even unexpectedly crash the car into a nearby tree or pole. When you're driving, be careful to avoid swimming pools, beaches, college campuses, anyplace where beautiful girls assemble in any significant numbers. Your car is going to thank you.

Source: http://www.carazoo.com/article/2505201002/Top-10-Everyday-Tasks-That-Can-Ruin-a-Car?page=1

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