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Foggy Weather? Drive Safely in Winter

With the onset of winter, one should be extra cautious while driving your car during these crucial fog months. More specially if you are young and have just few months of car driving experience, there is a word of caution to the affluent parents to take extra precaution in not allowing their kids to go for a joy ride in such foggy weather. According to statistics, as a result of poor driving skills of motorists over 4000(2088 during 2008) people were reported dead in road accidents in Delhi & NCR alone in the last three years.

Moreover with the improvement in road condition as a result on forthcoming Common Wealth Games, it would be futile to blame the Authorities if the standard of driving is not up to the mark. One should feel responsible while driving as it may not be possible for traffic police to check all the violations being committed by the irresponsible motorists. Moreover, in the accident prone areas, when the visibility is poor one should take extra precautions.  Most of these accidents in Delhi NCR were registered where the drivers were either in the age group of 16-23 years or were driving their powerful cars under influence of alcohol. In most cases the road appeared to be clear and the speeding cars hit either a parked vehicle or were caused as a result of sudden obstruction not providing adequate breaking time for the vehicle to stop resulting in irreversible tragedy.

Pollution is another factor adding unpredictable fog formation. Owing to excessive ever growing traffic suspended dust/ carbon particles in air acting as nuclei for the water droplets to hang on cause’s visibility to start falling needing extra care while driving your car in these conditions. Just take this as a line of extra precaution while driving your car during dense fog. It would be better if you avoid driving in such clumsy weather and call a cab or take someone who has more experience in driving. Don’t forget the simple safety tips meant for the pedestrians and prevent unfortunate fatalities that are avoidable.

Article By: Mahendra Sarup
The Author is senior advisor. He is contributing articles on MeriCAR.com for vistors. You can leave comments at info@mericar.com
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