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Top Ten Indian Cars with the Best Taglines

In this article, we will present to you 15 tag lines that have taken the Indian car industry by storm. These taglines not only boosted the sales but also gave them an instant and popular identity. Read on to experience the exceptional creative brilliance behind some of the very popular taglines. Sometimes boastful and sometimes practical, but Taglines always make their intentions very clear. While some of the taglines we have heard are utterly genius, some are downright out of the context and unconvincing.

1. Hyundai Santro Xing - "The sunshine car"
It was back in 1998 when South Korean carmaker Hyundailaunched the Santro Xing. The company brought in Shah Rukh Khan to romance the bubbly Ms. Preity Zinta through the vast expanses of sunflower fields. The result was that the viewer was immediately transported to a happy place full of sunshine and sunflowers. Now, 12 years and 12 variants down the lane, the Hyundai Santro still remains one of the best selling hatchbacks in the country.

2. Tata Indica V2 - "More car per car"
Tata Motors ventured in the passenger car segment in India with its Tata Indica. The Tata Indica was a totally Indian car in the true sense: with a 'made in India' engine, air conditioning, and electric windows. The "More car per car" tag justified the nature of the car.

3. Fiat Linea - "Admiration Guaranteed"
Time to face the truth. When it comes to looks, Fiat carsdon't always score a lot. If we are looking for performance, we will take a Fiat car any day. But looks of Fiat cars are a different story. But, Linea changed it all. When the Italian car maker launched the Linea, the tag line had to read something like that. Fiat Linea, with its clean lines and the huge eye catching grille, certainly guarantees admiration from all.

4. Mitsubishi Outlander - "What turns you on"
Mitsubishi was fast losing its grip in the Indian market, and then it launched the might Outlander. When the teasers of the Outlander started, with a frustrated looking Rohit Bal smashing and tearing his work, we knew that something special and outstanding was on its way. Pajero had already established its status as an off-roader, and Mitsubishi clearly positioned the Outlander as a soft roader. The SUV is selling like hotcakes in the Indian market.

5. BMW X3 - "Any road. Any time"
Indian crowd has a certain obsession with a 'different' flavour. Hence, it was of no surprise when BMW X3's "Any road. Any time." tagline raised a few eyebrows as well as expectations. Thankfully, the BMW X3 delivers on all its promises.

6. Maruti Suzuki SX4 - "Men are back"
Maruti Suzuki cars are so small and utilitarian, they hardly appeal to the male ego. So, when Maruti launched its tallest, widest and broadest sedan in the country, the SX4, it made perfect sense to associate it with "Men are back". The aggressively and much manly designed sedan phased out the curvy and soft Baleno. Men are back? Yes, they are.

7. Audi R8 - "Design and Innovation"
What can we say about the Audi R8! It is much faster than the Porsche 997, Nissan GT-R, the Lamborghini Gallardo and the Aston Martin DB9. And you can't complain about its looks either. "Design and Innovation" seems to fit the Audi R8 bill just perfect.

8. Maruti Alto - "Let's go"
Traffic jams are possibly and by-large the biggest monsters in all cities. But there is a way to fight that monster, yes; it is called Maruti Suzuki Alto. Just get in an Alto, and you can forget the rest. The "Let's go" idea was a simple one and was delivered through a simple commercial on TV. The Maruti Suzuki Alto is the bestselling car in the Indian market.

9. Honda Jazz - "Why so serious"
You might say that Honda was trying to cash in on the Heath Ledger and The Dark Knight legacy, but the "Why so serious" tagline. This tagline might have failed to impress the audience had the Jazz been a regular run-of-the-mill hatchback. But distinctive styling and great handling makes it one of the hatchbacks around. Pity the price of the car dampens people's spirits to buy it.

10. Tata Safari DiCOR - "Reclaim your life"
The Tata Safari has been in the market for the past 12 years now. When Tata launched the first generation Turbo Diesel, it did not go well with the Indian sensibilities. Then in 2005, Tata introduced the DiCOR model along with the "Reclaim your life" slogan. Since then, the Safari has come to symbolise freedom and adventure. People also love the original commercial, with the Safari erupting from the ground behind the words "reclaim your life".

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