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Windshield Maintenance for Spring and Summer Driving

With money a little tighter, many families who might have jumped onto a plane for a jaunt in the Caribbean are opting for a road trip to Grandma's instead. Driving trips can be fun, what a great chance to get to know your family more intimately than you might have wanted. Whether you're looking forward to 7 hours in the car with them or not, you do want everyone to arrive safely.

Windshield maintenance is an often overlooked chore. In snowy regions, we won't take a winter trip to the convenient store without half a tank of windshield washer fluid in there. Salty, muddy roads can blind you instantly without good wipers and washers.

But in warm weather we seem to forget that we need things to be up to snuff. You'll be traveling to an area you don't frequent. If you're caught off guard by a summer storm, that's no time to realize your wipers are shot. Take a minute to do these quick jobs and you'll have some added peace of mind on your next road trip.

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