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Reasons for CAR smell

Vehicle/car  breakdown is the physical or mechanical downfall in such a way that the current problem  prevents the car from being operated at all ,It doesn’t  allow the proper functioning of  and finding the right solution for it ,itself a difficult task. Car breakdowns can occur due to large number of reasons , it depends upon the issue arise in the car, they may need to get the car services. Lets talk about car smells, this is very common problem in car which usually occur, but it may be due to different reasons, and the reasons are:

Burning electrical : It happens when at  average temperature a car starts blowing  out white smoke near the front then the smell fills the car of electrical burning especially when heater is ON. Electrical cables inside the car give out a really bad smell, when they  are overheated.

To overcome this problem, firstly you check all the electrical connections are made properly and in good condition or not .Secondly check out the visible damage to any of the wires/connector plugs. If still, it happens then do call us    +918750156356 at mericar.com. The vast majority of all car fires are caused by faulty electrical wires.

Burning oil : If the smell comes from your car , that indicates an oil leak. Oil burned due to engine wear exits via the exhaust which you wouldn't smell inside the car unless it was very bad. If you are not able to view  any oil leaks, place the cardboard under the engine at night to see if there are any drips. Do check for any leaks in the Power Steering system and the lines going to the transmission and the transmission fluid pan. 

Grass/Mud : It happens when coming from the trip sometimes clumps of grass  or mud, or maybe a stray paper/plastic bag, etc., has gotten caught under the car and is contacting the exhaust system. Look for things like this. If the smell persists, it could be very serious for the car and vice versa.

Exhaust smell: The car exhaust port is important as it negates  the harmful fumes that come out of the engine. The nasty smell from the exhaust, smells  as a rotten egg smell, then there is a problem. It  is due to hydrogen sulfide & arises due to the amount of sulfur that is present in the fuel. Normally the sulfur is converted to sulphur dioxide , though it have no odor but it is very harmful for car & you. If this kind of problem is there then take advice or visit http//:www.mericar.com, Ready for free advice. 

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Reasons for CAR smell

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