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MeriCAR is giving you Complete Service with 20 Points check and Change :

*20 Point Check & Change 

1. Engine Oil Check & Change
2. All Filters Check
3. Air Filter Clean & Change
4. Coolant Check & Change
5. Gear Oil Check
6. Oil Filter Clean & Change
7. Power Steering Oil Top Up
8. Spark Plug Clean
9. Disk Pad Clean
10. All Belts Check
11. Door Check
12. Wiper Check
13. Light Check
14. Battery Check
15. Power Window Operation Check
16. Clutch Operation Check
17. Body Noise Check
18. Alignment
19. Vacuuming Cleaning
20. Washing

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Car Care – Clean Engine

Car care includes a lot of issues but cleaning your engine may not be our one of the important concern but it should be. Clean engine of the car makes all the work a lot easy, but people afraid of doing it they think that it may get damaged, but you can wash your car engine without much fear of ruining anything. While cleaning doesn’t ever compromise with any of the cautious part of the car like electrical parts and all other areas also, take precautions and the right tools to do the cleaning. Car engine will sound much better if you take a few minutes and clean it up. Once you start with the cleaning task, maintaining it with regularly will be more comfortable. The best time for cleaning the engine is morning time as it’s a fresh start with good motivation, but do remember don’t startup the process when engine is hot. Let’s have a look to the few simple steps to clean up your engine.

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Issues of Spark Plug

We can only judge the performance of spark plug but the solution of it lies in the hand of mechanic so book car services & mechanics at MeriCAR.com to look at it for you if you found some problematic areas regarding spark plug. As we are not doing it on regular basis, we don’t even bother about it that it could be the reason for car breakdown. You should check and clean the spark plug from time to time, and get it servicing done quarterly at least so that it should not create a problem that will waste your time and money due to negligence.

Car start up problem; you turn on the ignition key a number of times before the car starts up, something is stopping this isn’t. Mileage of car is dropping down and at of sudden a visible difference then reason is faulty spark plug.

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Car Care: How to improve the Fuel Efficiency?

The price of the fuel keeps on increasing. The best defense against the high price of the fuel is to buy a smart car that provides you good fuel efficiency and car care is the next important factor to be noticed. Besides this there are some of the tips that you can use to get the good fuel efficiency from your car. So read the article carefully to get the tips, here we go:

• The old air filter should be replaced with an upgraded high flow air filter sold by a well known company. You can even go for the upgrade of air intake and filter.
• Replace the spark plug wires and the spark plug with a good one. Before the replacement of spark plug a proper gap should be found between the electrodes.

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Oils Well That works Well


When we talk about car care or car maintenance, first thing that strikes is oil starting from engine oilto gear oil or brake oil . Oil is soul of any vehicle. Like the blood works for us same the oil works for the vehicle without it, it will not work. The flow of oil in engine is minutely designed so that it optimized the lubricant change intervals, minimization of oil waste and maximization of engine life. Proper lubrication is the main concept for keeping an engine in fit & fine condition. Every vehicle has different demands and requirement starting from bike to car to truck and their oil requirements because, the petrol engine function differently from diesel engine. Each type of engine needs to be addressed accordingly in order to ensure that it’s functioning at its optimal level.
Few measures we can take in order to check, whether the oil in the vehicle is up-to the mark or it needs to be correct:

Car Service – Regular Car Maintenance is Mandatory

Nowadays, everyone is relying on the car very much in day to day life. Whether you are driving the car or your personal use, business use, or going for a long drive with friends for the enjoyment.  So tuning up of your car is very necessary to avoid any obstacle in the way. There comes a lot of frustration and your safety is compromised if there is some problem in the way.

regular car service

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Your Car Air Conditioner is not working properly? Check out

Car air conditioner is designed to move heat from inside of your car to outdoors.

Become familiar with the major components to auto air conditioning:

The Compressor: which compresses and circulates the refrigerant in the system. The refrigerant, which carries the heat and the condenser, which changes the phase of the refrigerant from gas to liquid and expels heat removed from the car.

The Expansion Valve: which is somewhat of a nozzle and functions to simultaneously drop the pressure of the refrigerant liquid, meter its flow, and atomize it

The Evaporator: which transfers heat to the refrigerant from the air blown across it, cooling your car

The Receiver/Dryer: which functions as a filter for the refrigerant/oil, removing moisture and other contaminants

Following are some of the possible reasons of your Car a/c is not functioning properly:

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Be sure you use a good quality coolant during this summer. Check out.

During summer, air conditioner raises the temperature of engine. Use the good quality coolant.

The coolant in your vehicle should be changed
• if you haven’t changed it in a year or in the past 20,000 km
• if your vehicle constantly loses liquid in the system and overheats easily
• if you’ve frequently added plain water to your cooling system
Even if none of the above is true, your coolant may still need a change.