How to increase life of the car : Maintenance Tips

The transportation from our home to office or office to home, dropping to school or pick up from school our child are activities and far-off destinations are just a few of the things we depend on our car to do for us. To increase the life of your car, it is important to provide the basic routine service it requires. Though your car can be a complex system of interconnected parts, basic car maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated.

Here are some simple car care tips to keep your car running longer and more efficiently:

  • Change Power Steering Fluid – This part of your car helps you to steer with minimal effort. Be sure to have the power steering fluid changed every 50,000 miles or three years. If your fluid level is low, you may have a leakage problem which will need to be reviewed by an expert mechanic.
  • Check Out Car Engine – To keep powerful and extend engine life, make treatment of your engine. This added lubrication can keep your engine running smoother, providing greater damage protection than oil alone and extends the life of your car’s engine.
  • Exact Rotation Of Your Tires – To keep the amount of wear on tread even, minimize vibration of wheels and prolong the performance of your tires, get your tires rotated regularly. Most professionals recommend a rotation around every 4,000 miles or when you go in for oil changes

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