​Avoid Car Maintenance result in more costly problems

Cost of car maintenance and car servicing may be hard to consume, postponing regularly scheduled maintenance actually can result in more costly problems in the long run.

Not changing the oil on time. Oil changes are part of the regularly scheduled car maintenance intervals. The manufacturer may recommend changing the oil at specific intervals.

• Every day people drive their cars until they hear grinding coming from the wheels when they stop. Then they have to spend time and money to repair the brakes. Whenever you go into the workshop for an oil change, have the brakes checked.

• When you check the fluids regularly, you’ll notice when you have fluid loss, which might be due to a leak. This is a tipoff to check that system for a leak andrepair it before it escalates to big bucks. Common fluids include engine coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, differential fluid, transfer case lubricant.

• A failed sensor is a common reason for a “check engine” light to illuminate and also results in the engine misfiring. Ignoring this problem could cause the larger problem of the catalytic converter failing, which would result in the car not passing emissions.

Neglecting coolant, brake, transmission and other fluids. While oil is key to the proper operation of your engine, there are other fluids critical to keeping your car running well. The owner’s manual will have a list of recommendations for how often to service these components. Delays in service, or ignoring them altogether, could result in damage not just to the specific component but to the engine or other parts as well, resulting in a very high repair bill.

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Labour charges only that makes difference in car servicing and repair cost

When you go to any car workshop and compare rates with Dealer, labour charges are major part of your bill that makes difference for any “car servicing” bill.

Because of high cost of operation, dealer cost is always high. Well maintained car can be serviced at any workshop, hardly your car need more than just changing lubricants and few cleaning.

Cost of denting and painting are largely depends upon labour charges of your mechanic.

You can buy fixed cost servicing package or fixed cost denting painting package for the following reason :

1. Your cost would not vary, irrespective of different laboutlr cost of all workshops.

2. You are sure about the team to give you OPTIONS for best workshop.


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Complete Car Service Package

Doorstep Car Mechanic


Doorstep Car Servicing and Cleaning in Jaipur

Its globally proven that for regular car servicing and check up, you don’t need to visit car workshop. In other countries, car owners are enough educated about car servicing and DO-IT-YOURSELF is popular, but India still have conventional way of servicing at car service centres. Its CHANGING NOW!.

The Jaipur Car Service venture – CarServ –  is reaching customers home to do basic “car servicing” that includes changing lubricants and filters and other minor checks up include in the OEM Schedule. There are customers who underatand and companies are providing DOORSTEP services.


Car Denting and Painting Deals : how to remove small dents

There are fix cost to all denting and painting jobs. Every car has number of panel rate fix. The cost varies based on labour. There are cheap Workshops that just fix dents and dings. Always get an estimate before you commit to doing any bodywork yourself. Having the work done professionally may cost you so much less in time and effort than struggling through a learning process that it will be cheaper in the long run! Read more 

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How do you decide about your car mechanic?

Getting your car repaired by right mechanic

See if you can predetermine your vehicle’s issue prior to attending at the mechanics. You can save lots of money if you can diagnose the problem yourself. It also ensures that the mechanic won’t try to pull a fast one on you. As you have probably heard, there are mechanics out there that will be dishonest so they can charge you more money.

If you are having extensive repairs done, make sure that you get several estimates. Although workshops are generally trustworthy, you may end up paying for extra repairs you don’t need. Search for trustworthy workshops that are experienced in repairing your car’s make. Your car is more likely to be repaired properly at these workshops.

In Jaipur, car mechanic go to you home and do your car servicing before your eyes. CHECK OUT Doorstep Car Service at Jaipur

Ask about prices and labor rates before you give your keys to a mechanic.


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