How To Car Dent Repair Made Easy: MeriCAR

If side-swiping a telephone pole left a large dent in the side panel of your car or accidentally backing up into your friend’s truck made a large indention in your trunk, you’re probably wondering what you’re going to do to fix it and if you could possible do your own car dent repair fix. If you don’t have the money to spend for a car body shop to redo the cars entire damaged panel, you can fix a minor car dent on your own. It takes a lot of patience and attention to detail, but it leaves the dents out of your wallet. All you have to have is the right tools, and you can save yourself a lot of money and time worrying about how to fix it.


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Getting your car repaired by right mechanic

Every time your car is repaired, regardless of how minor the problem was, make sure you keep a record. If you have problems with your vehicle later on, you will find it helpful to have some records for the next technician to look at. If you do not have documentation, you may have duplicate services performed.

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Save on Car Servicing and Repair Bill :

Launched in 2008, First in India, dedicated car servicing web portal with a network of neighbourhood car workshops. MeriCAR has Car Workshop members across India. Associated with MarutiHyundaiCarnationMahindra First ChoiceBosch Car Service Centers.

Focus on car owners with three values: Choice, Comfort and SAVING. While connecting you to the “right” car mechanic, the offering save your car servicing bill.

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Car brake problems and maintenance

Nothing stinks worse than having brake trouble and getting taken for a ride by your mechanic. Get the best information on brake repair so you do not get scammed at the workshop. The braking system is a complex system which needs proper maintenance and care over the lifetime of your car.

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How Can increase life of the car?

The transportation from our home to office or office to home, dropping to school or pick up from school our child are activities and far-off destinations are just a few of the things we depend on our car to do for us. To increase the life of your car, it is important to provide the basic routine service it requires. Though your car can be a complex system of interconnected parts, basic car maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated.

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Suspension problems of your car

Your car’s suspension is one of the most important auto systems installed in your car. It’s the part of your ride that keeps your car’s body connected to your wheels. The suspension also has the vital job of dampening the up and down movement created by your car’s leaf springs each time your ride passes through road irregularities. It basically controls the automatic, bouncing movement, to make your travels a lot more comfortable and stable.

Each time you travel, your suspension system undergoes road abuse brought by adverse road conditions and even “extreme driving”. Now imagine the amount of force the suspension system had to withstand when you hit the brakes without warning.

Service Available at Nagpur, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Vadodara, Goa, Gorakhpur, Kolhapur also

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Luxury Premium Cars : Aftermarket Service Delivery is tough than Manufacturing

Car Technology is becoming complex. Senssors, IOT based technologies are making after-sales difficult. OEM Dealers have no cheaper solution for services and there are few independent workshops.

The Luxury and Premium Cars companies find it tough to compete in the aftermarket. Across industries, delivering after-sales services is more complex than manufacturing products. When delivering service products, executives have to deploy parts, people, and equipment at more locations than they do to make products.

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Small Business Low Investment Franchise : MeriCAR Marketplace

Launched in 2008, MeriCAR expanded across India through franchisee partners. It was first kind of business model that is helping local small business owners to setup local office to leverage the local aftermarket.

Small Business Franchise Model was launched in 2015 with a news – “MeriCAR is creating entrepreneurs by making partners across India” and the project named

My Dream My City

The Project has mission with collaboration of all partners. Make India. Empower India. Self-Employment and Development of local small businesses to another level. Car Garages are unorganized and they need support.

Small Business Low Cost Investment Franchise

Small Business Low Cost Franchise

Local Partners aggregate small garages and help them to increase business by following MeriCAR MISSION for every car owners – Choice, Comfort and Saving. Small Business Owners are equiped with CRM provided by the team to monitor the performance of local workshops.

Eligibility is very simple to have knowledge of computer and internet. No Automotive Industry Experience Required, you can just be graduate to start this business.

franchise partners

Franchise Partners

Currently, total franchisee numbers reach to 61 that across 40 CITIES thats also includes 6 recently setup at Goa, Gorakhpur, Nagpur, Allahabad, Bhubaneswar. Anybody can start earning by just paying Rs.35000 and can earn Rs. 6 lac to 10 lac per YEAR (There is no GST applicable for business below Rs. 20 Lac).

MeriCAR Vision is to bring 3,00,000 car workshops on the platform and help local partner to become SUCCESSFUL in life.

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Oils Well That works Well

When we talk about car care or car maintenance, first thing that strikes is oil starting from engine oilto gear oil or brake oil . Oil is soul of any vehicle. Like the blood works for us same the oil works for the vehicle without it, it will not work. The flow of oil in engine is minutely designed so that it optimized the lubricant change intervals, minimization of oil waste and maximization of engine life. Proper lubrication is the main concept for keeping an engine in fit & fine condition. Every vehicle has different demands and requirement starting from bike to car to truck and their oil requirements because, the petrol engine function differently from diesel engine. Each type of engine needs to be addressed accordingly in order to ensure that it’s functioning at its optimal level.
Few measures we can take in order to check, whether the oil in the vehicle is up-to the mark or it needs to be correct:
  1. Picking the right Lubricant: Always go for the right lubricant that is specifically designed for that vehicle type only. Lubricants come with ratings. Be stick to that recommend rating and don’t try and experiment.
  2. Check oil levels: The oil level should be checked in the morning before firing up the Do make sure that all lubricant levels are topped up to the specified levels according to the prescribed vehicle manual.
  3. Routine Service: Taking your vehicle for a routine service with in regular time period also ensures the lifeline of your vehicle is on boost.  Allow the mechanic to check the things such as oil changes, oil checkups and subsequently the fixing of the faults that occurred or may occur in future.

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