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Best Cleaning tips for your cars

With hundreds of car cleaning products getting advertised in the market, you might find them too expensive as a car owner. There are a few ways in which you can make your cars shine without spending too much. Though the car performance is very important to you as you drive it, your car can impress others only with a shiny, scratch-free and tidy exteriors. You will certainly feel great by driving a car with an admirable shine.

Now for the tips:

In places hard to reach, use a hose pipe extension with the vacuum. While holding the hose between the thumb and one end of the fore finger, cup your hand with the nozzle to make the extension narrow. You can reach out the tough places besides ensuring more suck...Read More


Underbody Wash

Underbody Wash

It is important to regularly clean and maintain your car to keep it free from harmful dirt and contaminants, the underside of a car is often overlooked and left neglected. It is important however to also clean the underside of your car to ensure that harmful dirt and contaminants are not left to accumulate and so that the large variety of components are able to operate properly.

The underside of your car should be cleaned using products that would used to pre clean any heavily soiled exterior areas.

There are a number of products available to seal the underside of a car but it should be noted that they should only be used after an initial though clean has taken place. After sealing, intermittent maintenance cleaning should be undertaken to keep the freshly sealed underside clean and free from the build up of any contaminants.

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