Digitization in Unorganized Automotive Aftermarket

India is Digital India now and every citizen know how to use internet. According to surveys, there are 907.4 million total internet users in India which counts 64% of the population.

From grocery to furniture, you can get everything using your mobile. India is becoming organized market. There is another tough market which is “automotive aftermarket” that needs attention with huge gap. The gap is between two users – Vehicle Owner who has become tech-savy and “independent mechanic” who only know how to repair vehicle but don’t know how to make your business “digital”.

There are 12 Lac Repair Centers, include cars and bike/scooters, and 30%-40% shut down every year without making any noise 🙂 even exact data is not available of their shut down, as they are just another “proprietor” or “business owner” without much identity.

There is a need of awareness for this unorganized sector to make them realize the value of making business scalable using internet” – says Mr. Rakesh Sidana, CEO, MD of MeriGarage.com

Mr. Rakesh Sidana is also founder of MeriCAR, India’s first digital platform of 5000 garages in India. He is building a large garage community of 50,0000 garage in India, you can attend his webinar to understand his contribution to make this market organized and sustainable at https://www.merigarage.com/webinar.php