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Apollo Tyres partially resumes operation at Kerala Plant

Tire Major Apollo Tires has announced that part of the Perambra plant in Kerala will be opened on April 22. The work began after a notification issued by the central and Kerala governments on the partial exemption of industries from Lokdan, which comes into effect from April 20. Examines various proposals issued by the central […]

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Australian company unveils 1,340-horsepower electric motor for hypercar, hyperloop applications HyperPower Technologies

An Australian company called Hyper Power Technologies has developed an electric motor that produces 1,340 horsepower. The electric motor bearing the code name QFM-360-X is approximately 17 inches in diameter and scalable. Ten of them can be fitted with a normal shaft to supply 13,400 HP, HyperPower said. To showcase the performance, HyperPower Electric Drag […]

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Tips to maintenance your car in summer

Summer is travel time. You can take several simple precautions to keep your family safe during travel. Here are some tips to maintain your car in summer. Check Your Tires: Consult your owner’s manual to see what your tire pressure should be. Check it with a hand pressure gauge. Inflated and misaligned tires can lower […]

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Check your car’s health before going on long trip

Many families are waking up to the charm of driving to holiday destinations this summer. According to travel agents, many individuals, who specialize in finalizing travelling plans in the last moment, have decided to drive to a holiday spot six to ten hours away from home this year because of unavailability of train tickets and relatively expensive air […]

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