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Car Servicing & Repair Tips for Maruti, Hyundai and Multi Brand : Tyres, Battery Maintenance

Protect your car paint : MeriCAR

Wind, dirt, rain and sand are all dangerous for your car paint. Sun can also affect your car paint. Protecting the finish of your car paint is a very important to keeping your car looking great and lasting a long time. Your car is a big investment so protect your car. The paint protection may […]

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All Weather Car Cover

Vehicles are of many types like we have sedan class, SUV, Luxury, Hybrid, Convertible, wagon and sports car and many more these are the popular ones whom everyone knows. Like we have multi-brand car in the same way, we need different types of covers to protect them. In market many types of fabric are there […]

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Interior Cleaning of Car

Interior Car Cleaning doesn’t mean just washing the car and get done with car servicing and repairing. Everyone may admire the exterior of the car but when it comes to sitting in the car , then you actually realize what is total cleaning of the car. Every time you drive you have right to feel […]

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