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Car Servicing & Repair Tips for Maruti, Hyundai and Multi Brand : Tyres, Battery Maintenance

Smoke signals of your car

Exhaust problems are some of the most common car problems. You may, at one point, have noticed that your car is emitting too much smoke or that your car has been releasing puffs of white or very dark emissions. It’s normal for small amounts of exhaust emissions to exit your car at any given time. […]

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Check and Refill Radiator Fluid

Many people are familiar with a radiator cap that you remove in order to add water to your car’s cooling system. A lot of cars still have a radiator cap on top of the radiator but the majority of cars now have a sealed radiator with an expansion tank elsewhere in the engine bay. The […]

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Most common car leaks

Just as your body is filled with fluids that allow it to function properly, your car has a variety of liquids pumping through it that allow it to run at its best. And just as your body springs a few leaks from time to time, so too does your car. Below we take a look […]

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Take care of your car during monsoon

Car-Care is something that can drive you up a pole at times. Moreover the monsoons can overflow your self-care ideas if you do not know how to take care of your car. Here we discuss a few quick guidelines one could use to take care of their cars during the monsoon. Below are five point […]

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