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Car Servicing & Repair Tips for Maruti, Hyundai and Multi Brand : Tyres, Battery Maintenance

Five myths and realities of car care

There is no question that if you want your car to go the distance, you need to take care of it. But even with good intentions, you may be spending extra money on car care that isn’t necessary. Here are five maintenance myths and the money-saving truth behind them. • Myth: Change your oil every […]

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Tips to save fuel and money

Across the country petrol prices are cover higher and higher resulting in motoring costs being at an all-time high. We have some fuel saving tips to make your tank go that much further. 1. Regular check-ups: Service your car regularly using a reputable and recognized local car service centre. Engines in modern cars are a […]

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Tips to clean car interior

Clean interior not just looks great, it also better for your health. Whether you are preparing your car for sale or simply want to keep it clean, below are few tips how to clean the interior of your car. • Vacuuming: Remove the floor mats. Vacuum the seats, and the carpet. Using the proper attachment, […]

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Save gas and go green

Does it seem like every time you go to fill up the price of gas has gone up again? Here are some ways to save money. 1. Maintain your vehicle: A well maintained vehicle uses less gas than a poorly maintained vehicle. Regular maintenance helps ensures you’re getting the best mileage your vehicle can provide. […]

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