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Auto companies may roll out incentives to draw customers

The automakers plan to push sales back to showrooms in April. Offers include 100% On-Road Financing, Installation Holiday and Vehicle Loan Repayment Guarantee Programs. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and then the lockdown. Producers say this is balanced by concerns about using public transport. Dealerships are set to reopen this week amid nationwide cuts since […]

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As trucks roll, repair shops along the highways open up

Auto repair shops along state and national highways in Bihar have been reopened as per the Center’s decision to allow freight along roadways. According to statistics available on the Union Road Transport and Highways Ministry website, 171 Dhaba and auto repair shops in Bihar have been closed. 47 of these are on the national highway […]

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Car Makers Offering Uniform Prices : GST Impact

Taking a step closer to what it can be termed “one-nation-one-price”, carmakers are now moving towards pricing new vehicles in a uniform manner across the country. The recent examples can be seen in the price structure of freshly-launched Toyota Yaris and Ford Freestyle. This change is happening thanks to GST (goods and services tax) being in place, which has eliminated […]

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Cars built to last…no more

“The old cars are better, it’s hardy. Today’s cars…once there’s a problem with the electronics, the rest falls apart.” This or an iteration of this sentence is uttered by Baby Boomers, those who are in their fifties and above. “Who cares about how long the cars can last? Before even paying back the entire loan, […]

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