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Car Servicing & Repair Tips for Maruti, Hyundai and Multi Brand : Tyres, Battery Maintenance

AutoNation The Largest U.S. auto retail chain profit fells down with less margin on new vehicles & Investment cost on repair parts (CNBC)

Jackson said AutoNation will act to reduce the inventory of vehicles it carries in response to rising interest costs for stocking cars and trucks. Jackson said he expects the shift by U.S. consumers toward trucks and sport utility vehicles that offer drivers and passengers a high seating position will continue, despite a recent increase in […]

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Features and factors of car insurance premiums : MeriCAR

Traffic and rising costs of car repair & service are the indicators of valuable car insurance. Insurance for your car is set to get more expensive this year. Every car owner must know the features and factors of car insurance premiums. Features of vehicle insurance: It is better to check online for insurance providers. There […]

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