What is garage software?

Garage Software is software that is used to record history of the customers in job cards and helps garage owners to bill their customer digitally. This is also name of the company Garage Software Pvt Ltd which is helping garage owners with Garage Management Mobile Apps. One mobile app is called Garage Mobile App, which garage owner use to get all the bookings of the car servicing. Second mobile app is Customer Mobile App which is used by their customers (vehicle owners) to BOOK THE SERVICE and “approve” the job work and billing estimate.

Garage Software means Garage Owner App and Customer App

Why I need this Garage Software?
Any software is made to solve a problem, that’s how technology is helping this entire world. Garage Software helps the owner to communicate with customer effectively. Garage owner can send COST ESTIMATATION for approval and customer will check what has to be replaced and repair and their charges before even paying. That solves the problem of miscommunication and wrong-commitment.

What is a garage management system?
A garage software which helps auto repair and service centers to manage the billing and operation. It could be desktop software or cloud based software. It mainly includes features like job cards, bookings, vehicle history, today’s revenue, inventory management, service reminders, bulk messages.

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